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We rented a car from Enterprise for 6 days. We used our MASTERCARD for the deposit and payment. We haven't used this credit card in 2+ years. Enterprise wants a credit card for the deposit so that's why we used it. Less than 2 weeks after we paid Enterprise with this credit card many attempts to make online purchases were made with our card number. Funny that this card hadn't been used in over 2 years then we use it at Enterprise and next thing... Read more

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Very poor customer service at the INDIO branch. Car was not cleaned sales man was rude and in a rush to leave will never rent from them again Add comment

We had a rental car from Enterprise after my wife totaled her van. The last day we had the car, my expensive sunglasses slid off of the passenger seat and fell between the seat and door. I knew I should have stopped and retrieved them so I would not forget them, but I was in a hurry to get to work. I turned the car in that evening about 15 minutes before they closed. I realized later that evening that I had left my sunglasses in the car. I... Read more

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I called in at 8:10 to the location in katy texas for pickup. They told me that it would take til 9:30. I figured they were busy. I got a ride and arrived there at 9:00. There were 6 boys playing grab *** with each other. I did not understand why they could not pick me up. I was told that I had a car reserved and got there and there was no car available. I went next door to Hertz and they got me into a car and gone. Chris Lomax-Katy Tx Read more

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Lairs and offen will double charge your card! Add comment

Today I had a car rental reservation at enterprise car rental. I had called earlier before I wasted my time driving from Northridge to long beach airport, to ask if I was able to take the car to Tijuana Baja California. The girl I spoke to said there will be an international Mexico insurance fee of $35 a day. I asked if there were gonna be any issues when I go there and the lady said no. When I arrived at location they told me the complete... Read more

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Went to get a car and when I got home decided that I needed a bigger one called them back to switch out but was told I had to go back to that one decided to keep it well later that night my husband heard the front brake squealing and the engine light on and it stated when turned on oil change needed went back next day to tell them I needed another car they informed me they had nothing I asked if I could go to another one and no one had any thing... Read more

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Plain and simple, they are terrible. If you use a debit card they want a current utility bill! Fine! They still were having problems. My com Ed bill had a 0 balance, still they would not rent me a vehicle. Prior to that I gave them my debit card and drivers license and they somehow let me walk off without it after they closed. I will not be renting from them ever again! "A bunch of ***"! I was able to walk in and out of hertz for half the... Read more

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Rented a Vehicle through my Insurance Company on 4/25/16 from the Smyrna, TN location. At first the customer service was normal and pretty decent. Today I call 5/06/16 to inform Enterprise that my vehicle was ready and that I would be dropping the rental off and that I would need a ride to pick up my vehicle. Ha I was told no, and that the location I needed to be at was out of their 10 mile radius. Also told that if I needed a ride then I needed... Read more

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