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The total cost per day that I was paying was around 50 dollars. Makes me want to figuratively kick myself. lol

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Februrary 20th, 2013 got into a horrific car accident that eventually totalled my car. Between getting the other driver a ticket, getting a laywer, etc that was the beginning of my headaches! Now Enterprise (A place that I will never go to again):

Anthony at the Hackensack, NJ Enterprise knows a sucker is born every minute. Must love to see a pretty woman in a vulnerable position. Day of accident I am missing work and I know that I need a car so go down to rental dealership that my insurance suggested and quite honestly I never heard of. I was ignorant and oblivious and should had done my research! Never expected this to ever happen. Ugh.

Attempt to get cheapest car on the lot. Anthony spends about 5 minutes going over a 3 page contract. He knows I just had a traumatic event, knows I am missing work, and knows that my Mercury insurance will cover up to 30 dollars a day for a rental car. Glosses over basic insurance (NEVER SAYS HOW MUCH IT WOULD COST A DAY) and taxes per day. In the car he has me sign in three different places on the contract to cover his ***. Just to play it safe he does not fully complete the contract, purposefully not writing the total cost per day. It is pathetic.

I don't go back for another two weeks because I had just about enough. They were basically harrassing me also by calling me up all the time trying to sell me a car. NEVER WILL I GO THERE AGAIN.

Ended up costing me 500 dollars. Get my credit card company and Rob the manager involved. Threatened to send them to small claims court but know they have my signature and it will just be me spending another $17 on them futively.

This event opened my eyes to the evils of contracts and car companies!!


you do not need basic coverage if you already have auto insurance.

anthony at the enterprise at hackensack, nj is just heartless and mean spirited.


thank you.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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