I was forced to rent a vehilce after finding out my 90 year old mother more than 600 miles away was suffering from a brain hemmorage and we weren't sure how long she was going to make it. I have an older car that wouldn't make the drive. I did some research to find a company that had low rates for drives that long, and found that Enterprise allowed unlimited mileage within the states I would be traveling in, and renting the vehicle was within my budget. I placed the reservation online to pick up on the next day (Saturday) in the morning. Then the problems ensued...

I walked in at my scheduled pick up time, and despite being the ONLY person in the store had to wait 10 minutes before the rep would acknowledge me. Strike 1. He took my card for the reservation, and said it was declined. Didn't explain why. He goes on to explain they can take money orders. Fortunately, my bank is located just a few blocks down the road, but since I had been waiting for the guy to acknowledge me for 10 minutes to begin with, it was 15 minutes before closing. I explained to the guy what was going on and asked him to do a great favor by staying open an extra 5-10 minutes while I got the money order. He had already taken all my information - all he needed was the money to close the contract. He said he'd wait until 12:15 for me and I was greatful! I got down to the bank and realized I hadn't asked for the total amount to get for the money order. So I called the store. It rang twice, and then he hung up on me. Mind you, by the time I had called, it was still 5 minutes before closing. Strike 2.

I decided this guy obviously was lying when he said he'd wait around. (Think how much nicer this review would have been if he had either been truthful about sticking around or just told me he wouldn't stay!) I found another Enterprise location at a local airport that's open much later. I made another online reservation. I called this location to see if they accepted money orders - they don't. So I called my bank to see if they could figure out why the money was denied. They put something on my account so that the funds were readibly available for the rental and I was on my way again to pick up a car. I get to the airport office and boy was the woman I dealt with RUDE! After pulling up my confirmation, she took my card, took one look at it and here's the conversation that ensued:

Woman: I can't accept this.

Me: Why? You haven't even run it yet!

Woman: It's a debit card, do you have any major credit cards?

Me: It's a Visa.

Woman: No, it's a debit card. Do you have any other major credit cards?

Me: No, I choose not to do business that way. Why can't you take the debit card, it has money there!

Woman: It's clearly stated online that we cannot take credit cards.

Me: Where? Because I have been up and down on your website and I did not see ANYTHING about not taking debit.

Woman: Guess you didn't look hard enough. I need to help who is next.

Me: Right, because it's always someone else's fault...

Strike 3.

Apparently the company has so much flipping money they don't need mine! The customer service I received at 2 different stores in the course of about 2 hours has COMPLETELY turned me off from the company!

Things Enterprise could have done correctly to avoid this situation at all:

1) The guy at the first store could have acknowledged me. That would have been nice.

2) The guy at the first store could have explained WHY my card was declined - the fact that it was a debit card. That would have saved some hassle.

3) The guy at the first store could have either told me he wouldn't stay passed noon, or held his word when he said he would. That's basic common decency!

4) The website could CLEARLY state that they don't take debit cards. Or better yet, the company could get with the times and take debit cards that run like credit. Like everyone else and their brother does. Especially given the amount of people in the US consolidating their credit card debt due to the economy. You'd THINK the company would consider that...

5) The girl at the airport could have had a smile.

6) The girl at the airport (and the company as a whole) should really consider this phrase: "It's not my fault, but it is my problem."

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The airport only accepts major credit cards. The city stores take debit cards but there is a deposit they hold until you return the car.


You can use a debit card at a local branch, provided you fill out some additional forms. It didn't decline because it was a debit card, it declined because your bank account did not accurately reflect the funds you had in your account (assuming, of course, that the funds were indeed there.) It had nothing to do with the type of card it was.

However, a debit card cannot be used at an airport location unless you have a return flight itinerary showing that you're flying out from the airport on the day you say you'll be returning the car. And when booking a reservation online, there is a pretty clear hyperlink that says "What about debit cards and other forms of payment?" If you had seen and clicked that, it would have advised you to call the branch directly to see if they accept debit cards at that location.

Has you done so, they would have told you over the phone that they don't take debit cards if you're not flying out from the airport and saved you the trip out there.

Hope this clears that up.


There is a reason they don't accept debit...a credit card has a line of credit, a debit card only has the money available in your account, whether or not you run it as credit or debit.

So you use your debit card to rent the car, then you keep it longer than originally paid for...but wait now you don't have any money in your bank account and they have no way of forcing you to pay.


Dear Anonymous,

Please visit me on twitter at Carentalprise and facebook under Cheated Consumer with name Constant Lies. I am sorry about your mother and understand your frustration completely.

Enterprise should be investigated thoroughly. They clearly take advantage of the honest paying consumer and with my experience the customer service is nothing short of blatant sarcasm. I was treated from the beginning until the end of my experience with complete disrespect. In the end I did manage to have my money refunded but it almost took an act of congress to get an answer from someone as well as to understand their policies.

The employees are required to have their Bachelors degree. Guess they want to make sure that they are trainable for LIES. Hope your experiences with ANOTHER company is better..

BTW: Shareholdings include ENTERPRISE, ALAMO AND NATIONAL. For your future reference.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would like to look into this further. Please email care[at]enterprise.com with your full name, the exact rental location and the rental agreement number, along with any other details.

When emailing, please list reference #120606-000667 in the subject line.


Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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