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Enterprise Rent-A-Car office, located 852 W 6Th St, Corona, CA 92882, has accused us of damage to a vehicle we rented. Upon returning the car, the only person in the office, asked if we were the customers from the body shop, I said Yes, and he instantly went outside, and come back in within a few seconds, and claimed the vehicle had damage - he had not even looked up the rental agreement, nor did he have any of our information, and I asked him how he had any knowledge of the damage, or lack thereof, seeing as he hadn't even taken our info, or looked it up. I asked him for proof that the vehicle was undamaged when we took possession of it, and he could not come up with ANYTHING, no rental agreement, no documentation whatsoever, to support his outlandish claim.

This person Identified himself as the "manager" and due to his being called out for missing rental agreement, and making unfounded claims of damage, he became quiet, and wouldn't give me his card, nor his name. I continued to request the receipt, as well as the rental agreement copy, and he excused himself, and began dealing with other customers that had arrived in the middle of this issue. We've called our insurance company, USAA, and filed a fraud complaint, as well as the BBB, and now we are taking it social.

You kids need to stop stealing from customers, stop making fraudulent claims against customers insurance carriers, and get out of the business of making shady and false damage recovery claims an income generating enterprise. Shame on you, and specifically, to the staff of the Enterprise unit on 6th Street, Corona California.Photo enclosed is as this issue took place, the "dent" that Enterprise has filed a claim of $401.07.

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Monetary Loss: $401.

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Houston, Texas, United States #1318733

I rent a car from Enterprise and the person that brought the car to was not very interested in the damages that I was point out. He stated that if it is not bigger that a golf ball size they were not concern with the damage.

Well needless to say I did not notice the damage to the front left drive side tire had damage to until a few days later. I return the and enterprise sent me a letter stating I that I had damage to the car and needed to pay for repair to wheel. I call they and dispute the damage to the car. So they said they would investigate prior rental.

I never got a call discussing what they found other then receiving another letter with pictures of the damage and how I need to pay...... I did not damage this vehicle and will never rent another car from Enterprise again their loss since a rent a car every month Avis is a much better company and the people are more professional the Enterprise.


Trying to charge me for the same type of "Dent" However they are claiming it is $1200 give or take a few dollars.


Do you actually think that the Manager of the branch gains anything at all by charging you for damage? He would 100% rather you didn't damage the vehicle, not have to write a report, not have to deal with your complaint (Get major hassle from his manager) and get the car back on the road to earn more revenue! He would personally see absolutely none of the money you paid for the damage.

to Anonymous Overland Park, Kansas, United States #1308558

Your an ***, of course the branch gains from filing bogus claims. Even damage well within their own damage esitmator. They still want to file claims.

to Anonymous #1359034

It would not surprise me to hear that they charge for the same dent over and over. Any time a customer does not take about 20 pictures of the vehicle before they leave the lot. ALWAYS take pictures


Did Enterprise resolve this for you?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #835793

picked up a 2014 Toyota Sienna minivan on the 26th of June.did a walk around inspection of the vehicle with the agent. Notice some small scratches on vehicle which were noted.

I had asked that the vehicle be washed before i take possession,in which it was. after taking possession of the vehicle I headed to my office opened up the hatch on the van and a coworker noticed a big dent in the lower right hand corner of hatch.

the vehicle at the rental agency had been backed up to some bushes which made it impossible for me to see during the inspection.I return the vehicle immediately back to the agency and brought it to their attention and they put it in black and white that the damage had been done before I took possession of the vehicle. a big thanks to my coworker for noticing this otherwise it would have been billed to me .


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please send us a detailed email to Care@Enterprise.com with:

Renter’s full name

Current phone number

Location rented

Rental agreement (RA) number

“DX” or claim number Description of the concern – this may include the original tweet or web article and/or email of details the customer submits to us.

Reference #140703-001835. As customer service is of the utmost importance, we would like to look further into this situation for you.

Thanks for posting and we look forward to hearing from you soon. -Tatiana

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