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I've been renting from Enterprise in Bennington, Vermont for many years, and have stopped being surprised at the utter incompetence of their entire operation...I simply don't rent there anymore. Several years ago, they ripped me off in a scratch and dent scam, another time they overcharged my credit card (which took five months to resolve) and they almost NEVER have a car in the car class I reserve.

Out of 40 or so rentals over the years, I estimate they gave me the correct car class about 5 of those times...and every time I complain they give me terribly feeble excuses about being overbooked, or that they "did their best to meet my needs" or that, "an Altima is just as good as a Cadillac, sir...is there a reason you require that kind of vehicle?"

Everyone I know in town complains about this operation. I'm done, I'll gladly drive an hour away to Hertz or Avis.

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Manager did not give me a choice for damage waiver. I told him I never get that stuff and wanted the cheapest possible rate.

He insisted it was the cheapest possible rate and I was charged 33.96 for 2 days. Then I see it is an optional thing on the web page. Customer service told me to call this liar in Columbus Ohio and it took 20 minutes for him to promise my refund, which has not shown up.

Will try customer service again and then call my credit card company. DW is OPTIONAL!!

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