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On October 26, 2018, I experienced the most egregious display of deplorable customer service & disrespect from an Enterprise Rental representative named LaDarius Maliek Lawrence. My original rental agreement was with Enterprise in Maryland. While driving to NC, I discovered the car had issues with the brakes, so I contacted that Enterprise & explained the issue, which was a safety concern. I told them where I was traveling & they found me the location in Clayton, NC where I could do a switch out. I called the Clayton location on Thursday, October 25, 2018 to inform them that I needed to do a switch out and that a note was placed into my rental agreement account. The individual that I spoke to via phone at the Clayton, NC location instructed me to come in and a switch would be made. He said they didn’t have anything comparable to a premium car, but if what they had did not suit me, he would call around to other locations. When I get to NC (same day), I called the Enterprise Rental location in Clayton. A young man answers the phone I proceed to explain to him that I had called earlier and needed to switch my current rental out. This young man told me that they did not have many cars on the lot at that time. He said some were out being cleaned or serviced and that those cars should be in that Thursday evening or Friday. I said ok, I can wait until Friday because I would have a better chance of getting a comparable car or at least a mid-size SUV. I proceeded to ask him what time he believed a car would be ready for me on Friday. He stated that they should have something in the early hours when they opened. I then said well around 10 am would not be a problem for me to come in and switch out my current rental. He took down my name & number and then told me that he had me reserved for a switch out and that I would receive a call from this location Friday morning. On Friday, I called around 10:38 am because I had not received a call. The young man says hello, I state my name and proceed to say I am calling to check on the status of my switch out. He then states, I don’t know anything about that. I sighed in frustration (you would be frustrated as well if you were told something different every time you call & then disrespected when you get to the location) you are told one thing but it ends up being another) and stated well I guess no one left the note like I was told. I called Thursday and was when LaDarius Lawrence cut me off and said to be honest, you are having an attitude. I don’t have to do this. I said, my sigh & voice tone is not attitude, it is frustration because I was told I would receive a call this morning to switch out my car & did not. LaDarius looked up my name and then proceeded to tell me he had about 17 cars, which included mostly trucks and minivans, but he did have a few SUVs & smaller cars. I told him that I did not have to have a premium vehicle & that my concern was I wanted a safer vehicle. He said I understand that. He then proceeded to tell me that his obligation was to his customers at his location, not me & that I could come on in and I could look at what they had.

I get to the rental location approximately 11:50 am and proceed to the front counter. I state my name and tell LaDarius that I was there to switch out cars. It was like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (facial expression and tone of voice)! Over the phone he was calm, but once I got to the location, he became very disrespectful and confrontational. He says to me that I told you we have nothing but trucks & minivans! My first responsibility is to my customers! You are not my customer! I then say, well we just talked about an hour ago and you told me you had about 17 cars and that I could look at what you had. I sighed and started rubbing my forehead in frustration. I then said as LaDarius was walking towards I then said let’s go see what you have. As he is walking towards the key box, he turns and said I’m getting tired of your attitude. I don’t have to help you (while handing me the keys to the original rental). I just stood there looking at him in total disbelief! He then proceeded to quickly let me know that he is the branch manager and that he did not have to help me. I then asked his name and he boldly let me know with a sense of entitlement, that he is the branch manager and he did not have to help me & I was not his customer. He then left me standing at the checkout area and went on to help another customer. I stood there while he proceeded to tell the customers how he got his job and what types of positions he had available at that location! When he was done interviewing, he looked at me and said well what do you want to do? It took everything in me not to walk up to him and slap the *** out of him, but I was determined to no allow myself to be brought down to his level of deplorable behavior. I went to go look at the minivan. When I came back inside, LaDarius told another representative (Mr. Brya Waffa) to switch me out. Mr. Waffa greeted me and then proceed to go into the system and enter information for the switch out. Mr. Waffa looked up at me and stated that he I had two midsize SUVs for me to look at (a Dodge Journey & a Hyundai Sonata). I said ok. He went to get the keys; however, Mr. Lawrence called him into the room directly across from the key box and told Mr. Waffa not to let me switch to either of those vehicles & to give me what he said I could get. Mr. Waffa came back out and apologized to me saying he did not know that these were reserved. I said that’s ok while thinking to myself, if the vehicles were not available, then why did the rental database give Mr. Waffa a choice of two vehicles? LaDarius withheld the two vehicles purposely due to spite. I sensed that he needed to show the “audience” (customers) in the facility that he was the “boss”.

I proceeded outside with Mr. Waffa to the minivan. I told him thank you and that I would most certainly be filing a complaint about your branch manager’s behavior! Mr. Waffa apologized to me for LaDarius’s behavior. I then proceeded to call Enterprise Corporate and file my complaint while sitting in the minivan outside the rental location.

Your branch manager CLEARLY has anger issues (un able to control his emotions)! I never raised my voice while speaking to him at any time, nor was I confrontational. I have NEVER experienced such blatant disrespect! I can certainly say, with no reservation, that if these are the types of people that Enterprise Rental employs to represent your business, I will NEVER patron Enterprise again. I have a long history of renting from Enterprise, but it just ended. Your branch manager’s behavior cost you a loyal customer. Perception is everything.

This type of behavior should be reprimanded with sternness by Enterprise. Lastly, perhaps Enterprise may want to revisit your screening practices for people before hiring. In my internet search to file my complaint, I typed in this branch manager’s name & the first thing that came up was a mugshot for a prior arrest for a 2nd degree assault on a female?????

I’m currently awaiting a response from the regional manager for this location.

Product or Service Mentioned: Enterprise Holdings Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Oct 28.
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StakingSpectacledBear70, we would like to address this with you directly. Please email care@enterprise.com with your contact information, the reservation or rental agreement number, the exact rental office location and the full details so we can look into this promptly.

Thank you. – Carol H.


That complaint is far too long to read in its entirety. And overly emotional given the situation.

I think you'd better seek some counseling for your OCD and over sensitivity. Hillary, the election is over ...

nobody's first priority is your "feelings". Lousy service from a vendor perhaps, but you've turned it into a life story.

to Anonymous #1589523

Be blessed.

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