I rented April 6, 2013. Paid my rental fees plus a deposit (which is required when you use a debt card, not to mention a pay check stub as well).

I was to return two days later but extended my rental until April 12, 2013. When I brough the car back was told the deposit would be returned to my card. Fast forward to today, April 19, 2013 contacted bank no deposit from Enterprise pending, contacted Enterprise only to hear that they changed my rental rate mid week (without informing me) and with taxes and fees from renting at an airport location I'm not due a deposit??? How can the company alter the rental agreement and then stick it to the customer by not refunding the deposit and saying it was a rate change and other fees that took your deposit.

It's a scam. They try to charge the deposit multiple times as well, as if you're ***. Ex. Saturday, rental rate was 36.44 they charged my card $136.44 call to extend two more days he told me I owed them 260+ dollars?

I was like dude my rate is on 36.44 x 2 days= 72.88. How do I owe you $200 over that amount, he said taxes, fees and a deposit. I said there ain't no way in *** I'm paying you another deposit you already got $100 from on my initial rental day, now you need $200 more? He then said I'm not suppossed to do this but I'll charge you the 72.88.

Really? I believe there's some way these clerks are taking this deposit money for themselves.

Product or Service Mentioned: Enterprise Rent A Car Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $161.

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If enough people call better business burea and fight them they will get shut down. Also be known as a fraudulant company.

I would never use them again and ive made sure everyone knows so they wont use them either. Keep ripping people off thinking their to big of a company to take to court. But they are not and with the right lawyers and police reports among reporting them to all places that investigate eventually they wont be around.

With 12 of us already filing lawsuits. The more people you have filing against the faster they will be charged and shut down.


They all lie and think because there isnt another place around ro rent from, that they can rip you off and get away with it. I got a lawyer on it. Not playing their bs games


Enterprise not only charged my credit card telling me it didnt go through. Then tolk my debit card charged that triple.

Then said they made a mistake would credit my debit card back and give them my credit card again. Come to find out they charged my cc card twice amd also my bank. Total amount was $199. After all their fraud charges added up to be $3400.

I will be taking them to court.

No has to put up with their bs or allow them to steal your money thinking you wouldnt notice. Its illegal.


Did you smoke in the car?Did you go places where the unlimited mileage is voided? There are a few reasons why they took it... READ THE AGREEMENT


Something is definitely going on with this deposit situation. How can they charge 200 dollars on top of the 40 a day, and it comes out of the bank right away, but takes over 5-6 days to go back on the card. I know deposits take longer, but the whole thing is fishy.


My experience with Eneterprise was horrible. I rented a car in Nashville (Nolensville pike).

They are rude, very inexperienced and unprofessional.

I have not received my 150$ deposit back. I will never,ever,ever use Enterprise again as long as I live.

to Lejla1973 #1489286

They triple dipped on my credit card I had to wait 10 days to resolve.


The worst car rental place ever they double dip on the deposit. I am calling my lawyer and going to start a class action sue again them.


They say on the website if you have a major credit card you don’t need a deposit but it should say if you use a debit or credit card you need a deposit


So you give them $100 to use their $25,000 vehicle, don't give it back when you agreed to (which could leave someone else without a car) then complain when they also change the agreement a little. Would you like a backrub, while they are at it?

Brooklyn, New York, United States #697930
I rented a car via Hotwire.com paying $85.00 per one day using Enterprise at JFK Airport from 8/6-7/13 and Enterprise charged me $96.00 for an economic car. Still waiting on them to return my pending charges of $96.00.

I called them at 718-553-7013 for the pass two days(weekend), let them a message and they haven't call me back. I even e-mailed them on Friday and they have responded.

They have bad customer service, ignoring me claim when they are open 24/7. :( :(

How would the clerks take the deposit money for themselves? They don't take cash.

You think they charge your card and the money automatically gets deposited in their pockets or bank account? Nice try...

to Dude? Dallas, Texas, United States #819106

Very possible with a smart phone and one of those credit card readers straight to their account. Not like anyone would find out.

to the man #852770

Except they aren't wandering off to the back with your credit card. They're right there on the other side of the counter from you and would have to do that pretty blatantly in front of you.

So yeah, unless you are staring at the floor the entire time you're there, you would most likely notice the use of a card skimming device. The charge on your statement by someone random instead of a legitimate company would be another tip off.

to Dude? Palmyra, Virginia, United States #962340

They do accept cash! I have been waiting for over a month on my CASH deposit of $100 which I was told would be returned to me in check form.


Review #: 401887,

We’ve taken note of your concern and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to care[at]enterprise.com including the exact rental location information, your contact information, your rental agreement and any further information regarding your experience with us.

When emailing, please list Reference Number 130423-000900 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.


Carol H.

Social Media

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

to EnterpriseCares Brooklyn, New York, United States #697932

If Enterprise care as you are saying...how come you never answer the telephone,e-mails and why are you still holding my deposit when 5 days have passed by already? Return my deposit asap, by law, please!

to ibarro01 #747066

Maybe I'm just lucky or the Enterprise locations ive been to were well-operated, but I use Enterprise every single time I rent a car. I've been lucky to never have an issue!

In two days I will be renting from them again and maybe my luck will turn, I will see, but I get great service from them and they even give me complimentary upgrades quite often...I don't work for them and I am no one special but I am treated well there.

I do wish the deposits were a little cheaper and I got it back quicker. But I have tried using other rental agencies and the service was insanely rude and twice as expensive...

to EnterpriseCares #1355252

Y'all played me too.

to Anonymous #1428752


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