After 5 years of being a regular at Enterprise/National/Alamo, I find it very disturbing that they put me on Do Not Rent list for forgetting to fill up the gas once.

I gave the credit card number, why wouldn't they just charge the gas bill?

What's really bad though is that they didn't even let me know I have unpaid balance or was on Do Not Rent list.

I found it out the hard way -- I rented another car from National, paid for it online, went to pick up the car and got rejected. Yes I did something bad, not filling up the gas, but they could've at least rejected me at the time of reservation!

The associate at the desk was totally helpless too. She shrugged and gave me a boilerplate "there is nothing I can do", handing me a phone number for National help desk.

I ended up paying again at Hertz for another car.

Bye bye Enterprise Holdings. I will live happily with Hertz and others.

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I used an Enterprise rental while my personal vehicle was being repaired after a hit and run collision. My insurance company paid for all but one day of the rental.

After haggling with the insurance company and the Enterprise "customer service" people I paid the balance out of pocket. That was five years ago and we reserved AN Alamo vehicle for a vacation trip with the grandkids to Disney & Universal at Orlando.

Found out at the Alamo airport rental station I was on a "do not rent" list. The choice behind the counter offered no help but gave me a phone number to call??I'm considering having the lawyers bring a suit; seems I'm not alone.


do not rent enterpriseunless you want $15 administrative toll charges for 8 months after your rental.If you go through toll, pay $1, light is green.They don't care.They need a receipt.If using your meter, and toll company meter doesn't read your meter.They don't care.Need letter from EZ pass company (who tells you work work with rental car company).Useless customer support, they can't help you.All the fees of renting a car, then the crazy mis managed, unhelpful charges for tolls, you already paid for.


I Also had an issue with Enterprise DNR list. They never notified me just rejected me when I was trying to rent at the counter after I had already made a reservation.

I had been renting from them for years without incident. I had an issue with the car and it had to be towed and all of my belongings were lost! I now rent from Budget and Hertz. Employees were also very rude about the rejection.

They couldn't give me an explanation or just a bill to be paid. I had no clue what the issue was.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1318252

I have been a consistant customer of Enterprise since 2012. The HOU crew were always helpful and treated me with the highest respect.

I relocated and began using the BWI, MEM and BHM airport locations a lot. Again, I got great service from MEM and BHM. BWI became like home! I would drag in late night hours and the gentlemen and ladies were always great.

After a brief time of not working in the area, I noticed that a lot of crew changes happened in that time. I had agents pushing additional products but respectful. Just not what I was used to. A few times I had issues with vehicles and wasnt accomidated.

My enagement ring box was left in a vehicle. I called back within minutes to no avail. It was never found which was difficult to believe. I continued to rent with a usual expectation that I would need the car longer than expected.

This has never been a problem at any location expect with the new BWI crew. They would call and send letters to my home address (Ive been told). There has never been an outstanding balance yet I was placed on the dnr list. I spoke with customer service who referred me to the BWI counter.

The manager on the call attempted to belittle me in front of others that I could clearly hear in the background trying to whisper. He offered NOTHING but heavy sarcasm and insults about what he believed to be my financial well being. "If you can't afford 20.00 you dont deserve to be in our 20,000.00+ cars. I was astonished at his behavior and thoroughly embarassed by his sick amusement.

I had no where to turn. I tried a corporate number that turned me back to the BWI counter.

There was no way I was going to put myself through that again. After thousands spent with Enterprise...I am sadden and disappointed.


i rented a vehicle, from Enterprise in New Jersey.

Company made alot of cash from me on my credit cards,and a visa debit for my rental. Since they were not able to get a overdue 1 or so week balance,or a 10 day balance, they keep trying to get it off the card.

I will pay my balance, but they have the car back for while now. I also was bothered by the fact, after inordinate amount of money spent at Enterprise for my new jersey rental, i see they keep calling my workplace at times 3x to 10x a day. Since i have a close pal whose a lawyer he said, if it continue, i can easily have him call them for a cease and desist. i see they only care about the prior thousands made from rental.

I will just be happier renting yes from Hertz, (no issue there) and AVIS till i buy the car soon this fall 2015.

Do not rent from Enterprise, unless you have to. They will hound you to death, even when you already gave them a date for the overdue balance and will rent out a dirty car as mine was the year was NEW 2014 or so but dirty on the outer.

I give them a 6 premise on the houding for overdue payment in which the lawyer said is illegal for them to do,when the most important have the car and have already give me the agreement,for which show clearly i paid regularly for

my rental more than most,and they will get the balance soon but i guess when they try taking it off my visa card, other companies beat them to it,so therefore no authorization/available credit for the balance. I will just go pay it soon,but to keep on calling me my lawyer said will preclude.

The hounding my lawyer call it, for payment will cease thanks to the fact i know a lawyer and he will handle it lawfull which is best.

San Francisco, California, United States #766214

I'm with you goodbye enterprise, Hertz customer service is so much better anyway, I recommend Hertz over enterprise without being on DNR list they should be on my DNR from list.

Hampton, Georgia, United States #721497

The same thing happened to me Enterprise/ National/Almao sucks and I would never ever rent from them again ..there customer service stinks as well ! HERTZ HERE I COME!!! GOOD BYE ENTERPRISE YOU SUCK!


Review# 386288 We’ve taken note of your concern and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to care[at]enterprise.com including the rental location information, your contact information, rental agreement or reservation number and any further information regarding your experience with us.

When emailing, please list Reference Number 130222-003099 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.



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to EnterpriseCares #879238

I was placed on a DNR out of revenge/spite. Because I stopped working for National, the very young station manager vowed to other employees that I'd pay for "leaving them in a bind".

A friend still employed there booked a car for me with his Friends/Fam discount. The station manager had the rental agent refused to honor my reservation out of pure spite. I filed a complaint against the branch agent and manager and he reacted by placing me and my family on DNR.

National is not the problem the manager who made false accusations on me is. It saddens me to know that my complaint was not addressed and indirectly, the company sided with the branch and lies.

to EnterpriseCares Roseburg, Oregon, United States #1124445

I've bee renting from Enterprise too without a problem until today when I was told I was on a 'do not rent' list. Really?

There's no one I can talk to about this, the useless customer service person emailed "corporate" and they'll get back to me in a few days. I can happily take my business elsewhere.

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