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This is a terrible place to work. If you think they treat the c,ustomers bad well its because the employees are treated like caged animals.

They make you work over 50 hours a week but then promise you a raise and an assistant manager spot. Its all B.S. if they treated everyone better, then the customers would be happy. I tried instilling this idea into the managers heads but they never listen.

The managers just want to make money and force the employees to say the nasty things that are said to the customers.

They should be a public company. It would be controlled more

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Maybe you were dismissed for your appalling grasp of the English language...


A worker should never be theated in anyway at anytime like a airport road pa. 18102.DOUBLE STANDARD"


The guys right, I love it when the boss destroys 20 cars but your discharged for 2 better yet they only had you signature on 1 accident report for a 500. buck of which you wanted to pay just to keep your job during recessionay times.


I'm at the very bottom of the Enterprise food chain, having only worked there for nine months, but I can only say that I'm having a whale of a time. People who work for Enterprise don't know how lucky they are. I've worked for banks, a pharmaceutical company and as a journalist and I can honestly say Enterprise is the best place I've ever worked.

Of course the hours are long and the challenges are demanding, but every person I work with/for strives to make the experience a great one for the customer. Of course there are some circumstances that occur means that this isn't always possible, but we do our best and are rewarded accordingly.

Try to think less about yourself and more about the team and you might enjoy it more...

Live the Green Dream...


My SO has worked for Enterprise for 5 years now and is Branch Manager continuing to move up. The hours are long, he has to deal with *** customers that think they should get something for nothing, and crappy employees (like you) with bad attitudes and no work ethic. Just because you didn't want to put in the time and hard work to advance, doesn't make it a crappy company-it makes the job not for you.


Ive rented cars in Ontario many times and have never once had a bad experence. My local hometown branch in Georgetown has always been very accomadating to my needs.

The employees there have always made me feel very welcome. They even go above and beyond to draw their customers into include them in friendly chit chat. When i see how theyinteract with all their customers it is plain to see how much they care and enjoy their jobs.

I would recommend Enterprise to all my friends and family. Ive had nothing but AWESOME service.

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