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First trip to Maui and a wondeful one. Got to the rental counter to pick up my full size vehicle (6 yr renter from Enterprise of that kind of vehicle), and they asked me if I wanted to trade up to a Jeep.

Never been asked that before but took them up on it. It went great till the last night when the spare tire/wheel was stolen off the back. What I found out the next day and since then is that most Jeeps having locking lugs to prevent an easy twist of any wrench netting someone a $500 wheel. I got billed $650 which included admin fee's.

How am I supposed to prevent someone from stealing something that is that simple? Or at least warn me about it when YOU ask me to trade up to a Jeep.

Or look at Craigslist and make yourself wonder if they are in on it....cause there are plenty for sale

I have tried several times to contact the district manager to discuss but no luck...and I have not paid them yet and plan on taking legal action if it gets that far. Hope not

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Likely someone with inside knowledge that they are easy to take from the plain-as-day rental jeep. Anyone can tell you are a *** tourist in one of those.

Locking rear tire hubs are not standard equipment for a jeep.

The answer is simple; you didn't buy the insurance, so you have to pay for the missing items that you did not return. They don't care why it's gone, you didn't take care of the vehicle and it resulted in a huge problem for them. Because now they have to let that jeep sit in the yard until they can get a replacement wheel can be found, tested, and mounted.

They will lose hundreds every day. All because of you.

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