This place is a SCAM! First of all, the airport counter tried to give me a rate that is almost double my reservation.

Good thing I had my reservation number and the actual rates printout. Second, the guy who handed me the car tried to sell me an upgrade and rental insurance which is very expensive which I declined because my insurance and CC would cover rental insurance. He checked NO DAMAGE on contract when there were obvious scratches on the body which I took pictures of. When I dropped off the car, the inspecting agent pointed out that rocker panel which is the door frame on the driver's side undercarriage was dented and said I need to pay for the damage.

I mentioned that I have pictures showing that the car even though was checked NO DAMAGE had very visible and palm size scratches by trunk and also on the door. She said that they are considered normal wear and tear. But since I did not check under the car, I am responsible for the dent. I had rented many cars before including Enterprise and will not rent from Enterprise.

This is another way that rental companies are trying to squeeze more out of you. CHECK the car and UNDERCARRIAGE to make sure you have pictures of any scratches and dents before driving off and have them note any scratches and dents on the contract becuase depending on the inspecting agent, you maybe blamed for anything that you may or may not have done. I had read about cheap tricks like this online from smaller car rental companies but did not think Enterprise would do that. The worst thing is that even after the payment (by you or insurance company) is paid for the "damage" you incurred to the rental car, Enterprise may or may not repair it.

They can simply pocket the money and continue to rent out the car to get max profit on it. GREEDY! RENTERS BEWARE!!!! I will try my hardest not to rent any cars and try to take public transportation or get rides.

Enterrpise airport rental is the worst rental. I would rate it NO STAR if I could

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Lithonia, Georgia, United States #809021

This Review is very helpful due to the fact, Enterprise is attempting to charge us with this same "Rocker Panel damage",which we're currently disputing. When we picked up the vehicle from Enterprise Rent-a-car in Conyers,GA, the Rental agent never opened the car doors during the inspection but after we returned the car, we received a call from Enterprise stating there was Rocker panel damage on the passenger side.

Well that's funny..cause I was the only driver and carried no passengers,so how could i have damaged the rocker panel on the passenger side since this is located inside the car door? We too didn't purchase the additional Insurance from Enterprise because we had full coverage thru our Auto insurance.

I will absolutely never rent from Enterprise or accept a "Free Rental" thru my Auto Insurance. I would rather walk first or hitch a ride!!!

to Josie #907437

I got accused by Enterprise of the same.

surprise surprise...

Did you get it resolved in your favor?

If so, how?


Hello, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would like to look into this further. Please send us a detailed email to Care[at]Enterprise.com with your contact information, reservation number and any details you feel would help.

When emailing please include reference # 130405-001670 in the subject line.

Thanks for posting and we look forward to hearing from you soon.


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