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We recently rented a car from Enterprise, but did NOT purchase their insurance - HUGE mistake. While doing the inspection with the representative before we left with the car, HE saw a small dent near the gas cap.

HE stated, we don't note any dents smaller than the size of a golf ball, or scratches smaller than 4 inches. There was also a small scratch on the front driver's side bumper, which he saw, and again had the same quote. He did put down some scrapping on the bumper, because of the size of the scrapping, which covered most of the passenger side of the bumper. We returned the car several days later, only to be told that we were responsible for that small dent and that because it wasn't noted on our paperwork, we clearly must have overextended the gas cap when filling the car.

Enterprise actually stated that their rep would not have not noted that dent, because it was causing the gas cap to stand out slightly. OVER $2,000 later (and no, we hadn't bought their insurance, as we've rented cars before and never had a problem), and we're still getting bills from them. Make them write down ANY damage before you leave their lot. I don't know if they targeted us because we hadn't bought their insurance, or what...

but I do know that dent was pointed out to both of us before we left the lot, yet we still had to pay to have an entire panel replaced for a dent smaller than the size of my finger.

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Pearland, Texas, United States #1201030

Always get the insurance no matter what! It isn't that much and saves your *** heaven forbid something happens and you get hit etc.

High Point, North Carolina, United States #971029

always check ur car before u pull out of the lot. two places i always get the extra insurance puerto rico and hawaii....if you've ever driven in the PR you know seattle i noticed scuff marks on the side went back to the desk and they said oh yeah we know...(yeah right) noone wanted to go back out and look at it and note it told em i would not be leaving until they came and look finally they did and i took pics and took down the name of the rep who observed the damage...youve got to CYOA on rentals....even with the top 3....

to ch*** Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States #1192433

I'm glad I came across your comment. I'm going to PR in a few weeks and will be renting a car. Thanks


My insurance tells me NOT to buy their insurance...because anything that happens in their vehicles while in my possession is covered under my insurance. But yes you can contact FTC also I wouldn't have paid, I would have allowed them to take me to court and laughed in their faces when they lost.

That's *** that they would do that, and that's what they state to every one their schpeel about it being smaller than a quarter they don't report it! He probably dented it and didn't wanna cough up the cash!


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