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So this is the second time I've rented from this enterprise in statesboro first time I had no issue other than them not honoring my AAA discount but that was no big deal the car was perfect.

This time was not as Pleasant.

I was taking a trip from GA to PA a 17hr drive and keeping it for 10 days; I'm 24 so I have the underage driver fee already 20$ a day,but I was adding on another driver also my fience so that was an extra 10$ a day added on. So it's not like they weren't getting their money out of me. There were 10 cars in the front lot the woman obviously wasn't familiar with cars she told me she was putting me in a Ford Focus but walked up to a Toyota trying to unlock it. So after finally finding the car she began filling out the form

And asking me about my trip and if I was worried about the drive.

After explaining how my concern was having a reliable vehicle that could handle the drive and weather the woman tried to give me a car with a check engine light on! Then when I expressed my concern regarding the reliability of the car because of how far I was driving,I was told that the light was probably just not reset after its last maintenance. Not that that's not a completely probable excuse the woman couldn't even tell me when the car received its last maintenance. I refused to take the car politely saying that I just did not feel comfortable with the check engine light because of the distance of my trip.

The woman was not happy I didn't want the car her attitude shifted to sarcasm as she stormed back into the service center. She told me she didn't think they had anything in my size car but I could pay 20 extra dollars a day for the mustang they had (there was a Nesan and a Toyota along with two 2door vehicles in the front lot) She said she would see what they had and went and fiddled around with the keys on the shelf 15 min later she had found a car! She walked me to the back lot, that also had mulitple new looking small cars in it but I was given (one key) to a Toyota corolla. The car was dented, scratched she handed me the key had me sign off on the damage then poof was gone.

When I got in the car I noticed it had a chip in the windshield, a huge rip in the floorboard, stains all over the seats that were so bad I put seat covers on them, the car smelled like mold, wet dog, urine and cigarettes, I spent an hour or more cleaning windows, wiping down the dash and doors, deodorizing and vacuuming the massive amounts of dog and cat hair that I'm allergic to. I call and tell them about the damage I found and snot how I had to clean the car they tell me they know about the damage that it's noted in my account no apology. So after driving 200 miles a required mantance light comes on so I call and they tell me I can trade in the car at any enterprise that is open on Saturday so my fience meets me at the enterprise location where they have issues pulling up my information and realize that my account was not charged for the added driver even though I had explicitly asked to pre pay for it and make sure it was included so all we had to do was add his ID to the car they had told me it wouldn't be an issue. The manager at the trade in location was very friendly and apologetic he couldn't believe the state of the car I was given and even apologized for the other branch.

My fience is military but wasn't given a military discount wich is no big deal we normally don't use them anyway but he was astonished about how poorly I/we had been treated by a company that prides it's self on how well they treat their military patrons. Because the process of trading in the car took so long we ended up having to get a hotel in area and delayed our trip. I had put all my flustration past me enjoying my time with my fience until I went to put gas in the car and my card had insufficient funds.

Knowing how closely I monitor my finances I knew this wasn't right turns out enterprise charged my account incorrectly and now not only is my card declined but I have to spend over 2 hours on the phone with my bank disputing the overdraft charges and with enterprise who finally I get a human with feelings who apologizes for my frustration about the incorrect charge and waves the 10$ extra driver fee for the final 4 days of my trip. I'm appreciative of the waved fee but it seems minuscule compared to the amount of money I paid for the car and in extra expenses.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). sharvey891 is overall dissatisfied with Enterprise Rent A Car and uploaded a picture. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Carol H.

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to EnterpriseCares #1084259

After playing phone tag for 4 days and leaving the time she would be available we were still charged full price DO NOT RENT HERE if you do make sure you wear your Sunday's best or your dress uniform to go pick up your car maybe then you won't get one covered in cat ***

to Anonymous #1084261

And never got an apology just a call when your available to discuss your previous rental. And I still haven't gotten a call back!

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