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Apparently, I am only one of many who have been targeted by this scam, and something needs to be done about it. Here are the details:

On June 14, 2011, I had an appointment for my car to be serviced at Metro Volkswagen in Irving, Texas. They had promised a loaner vehicle, but due to a shortage of cars because of recent hailstorms, they arranged instead a rental vehicle from Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

At the Enterprise office (3910 W. Airport Freeway, Irving, Texas), the Enterprise counter agent, Joe, told me the only vehicle they had available for me was a pickup truck. They brought the truck around and Joe apologized for not having anything better but they were also short on inventory because of the recent hail activity in the area. In fact, this particular truck was from Houston, he said, and had quite a few hail dings, too.

We inspected the vehicle together and I noticed several hail dings all over the truck; Joe said"”at least twice"”that they weren't concerned about any dents that were smaller than the end of your thumb, and not to worry about the hail dings. He had been writing on a clipboard all this time, so I assumed he was noting the prior damage (but now looking at the contract, I suppose I assumed wrong as nothing is noted).

Around 5:00 p.m., I called Metro Volkswagen to check the status of my own vehicle and was told they would have to keep it overnight as they had not had a chance to look at it yet. Metro VW was sure I would be okay with that since they had arranged for me to have a vehicle to drive while mine was in the shop.

Since I was going out of town the next day with plans to be gone a week, I suggested that it was wasteful for me to keep a rental car parked in my garage for a week (since Metro VW was paying the bill), and asked if I could drive it to the airport the next morning and turn it in. My service writer agreed with the plan.

I dutifully turned the truck in at the DFW Airport early in the morning on June 15th. The woman who checked in the truck remarked on the hail ding on the hood; I said the guy who rented me the truck the day before said not to worry about that. She did a quick walk-around, and handed me back the contract, having made no notations of any damages.

When I returned from vacation, there was a letter from Enterprise which stated "our Damage Recovery Unit has received notification of damage or loss to the vehicle you rented." I called the phone number listed on the morning of June 23rd and spoke to Jenna. I asked what sort of damage was done, and she told me the front bumper was loose.

I told Jenna that I had only driven the truck approximately 100 miles in the 22 hours it was in my care, and that for the most part, it was parked in my garage. There was no way I had damaged the front bumper of the truck, I told her, and she said she would refer it to the Damage Recovery Unit for investigation.

I contacted my insurance company to alert them to this potential bogus claim by Enterprise Rent-a-Car, and asked them to contact me if Enterprise tried to file a claim against my policy.

On Friday, August 12th, I received a second letter from Enterprise stating that "Our review indicates that you are responsible for the damages to our vehicle. Enclosed please find documentation to support our claim." Included with the letter was an invoice in the amount of $1,012.28 for damages, administrative fees, loss of use and diminishment of value. They sent a form requesting either my insurance information or my credit card information for payment.

Also included with the letter was a copy of the estimate which I have carefully reviewed. I found it curious that on June 23rd, Jenna had told me the front bumper was loose, but the estimate is for replacing the hood and repairing the grille.

I also noticed another serious discrepancy . . . the VIN on my contract for the truck I drove is KMHCN4AC0BU615718 but the VIN listed on the estimate for the damaged truck is 1D7CE3GK2AS179421.

Contemplating what my next step should be, I went to the Internet and Googled "Enterprise rental car damage scam." I was not surprised to find pages and pages of complaints from people from all over the United States with stories similar to mine.

In fact, my husband has been victimized by this same scam in the past. In 2004 or thereabouts, another driver hit his company vehicle so their insurance company was responsible for paying for a rental vehicle for him while his SUV was being repaired. He requires a vehicle the size of a SUV for his work but the other driver's insurance company (Progressive) reneged on paying the cost for an SUV and only paid Enterprise Rent-a-Car for the cost of a smaller vehicle. Enterprise was persistent in billing us for the difference (which we never paid), and has subsequently has placed my husband's name on a "Do Not Rent" list.

As I stated in my opening paragraph, this scandalous practice by Enterprise Rent-a-Car is a shakedown of innocent people that comes very close, in my opinion, to insurance fraud. I'm sure Enterprise collects on several of these bogus claims because it is less expensive and certainly less time consuming to simply pay (or turn it over to the insurance company and let them pay) and move on. In the business, it's called a "nuisance claim." But it's fraudulent practices like this that drive up the cost of insurance for all of us and I think it is our duty as consumers to take a stand and do what we can to stop questionable practices such as this.

I am willing to become part of a class action suit and/or do whatever is needed to fix this problem.

I have no intention of paying for damages ($1,012) that I did not cause. I have sent a copy of the above letter to the Texas State Attorney General, the Texas Department of Insurance Consumer Protection Division, the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureaus in Fort Worth and Dallas, my insurance company (AMICA), my three major credit card companies (Capital One, CitiCard and American Express), the consumer advocates at all four major network television stations in my metro area (CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox) plus the two major newspapers (Dallas Morning News and Fort Worth Star-Telegram) and the service manager at Metro Volkswagen since they were responsible for paying for the rental car.

This fraudulent activity on the part of businesses has GOT to stop. PLEASE contact me if there is some chance I can help end this practice. We as consumers must learn to stand up on our hind legs and FIGHT BACK. In the infamous words of Howard Beale ("Network") . . . "I'm as mad as *** and I'm not going to take this anymore!"

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Dealing with wrongful claims of $600 in damages for a rental I had.. only needed the stupid rental because a girl smashed into my car while it was parked in the parking lot of my job (where I only make $8 per hour!) & Now I've got this to deal with... Incredible


I rented car from Enterprise and they said I wrecked the car as while and I did not and now I am on the do not rent list. I am willing to share my experience and be apart of a lawsuit for this scam needs to stop!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrWuIezg5Ds Heres them trying to accuse me of replacing their door.


I am also a victim of this kind of scam with this company. I would gladly join any class action suit and any advice on how I can fight would be greatly helpful.


Customer of Enterprise car rental for a long time but that's stopping today. Don't like their counter personnel and their way of doing business.


I also meet the same problem.


I’m going thru this right now! I’m a college student and the damages that were claimed is $916, i don’t have that and they also reported it to my insurance.. now my insurance is saying i need to pay the deductible because there’s no proof!


This guy I know told me he rented a car through his company like he had done a ton of times. He had an enterprise plus account gold or silver member(I can't remember).

He had a 48 hour rental and drove about 400 miles for a business trip. He used the drop box like he had done several times in the past. People were there, but it was before business hours. There was no damage on the vehicle.

He got a phone call after their COB about damage to the vehicle. He went the very next day and talked with the associate who was making this claim. His description over the phone was minor, but when he got there it was anything but. He got there and observed some major damage to the lower curbside panel between the front and rear tire, also had a scrape on the curbside tire.

It looked like someone had went up on a curb and then backed off of it. It would have been noticed if it happened when he drove it. He had many questions like when was it turned in and the guy said right after you put the key in the drop box, so he asked why he wasn't contacted until after they were closed that day. The guy had no answers for that.

He also told me that this fellow was obese and they have a hard time moving around, like not being able to look for a curb... Anyways, if it was up to me I would have disputed it, but he said it was through his company under his name and they caved and paid it. Don't let this be you. Even though he used the drop box about 20 times before, it was this one time that they got him.

They lied and he had no proof. Take a picture of the vehicle at every angle, or a video slowly, and take a picture of the odometer. Also, don't use the drop box ever. It happens that he knew how they ran things at this place having rented so many times and they have workers taking vehicles left and right to pick up and drop off that there is no accountability.

They try this stuff all the time. It is a common practice.


This is worse.....I was hit while in their rental car....a hit and run. I have a police report and the driver of the other car, which I caught , had current insurance.

Why they are sending me a bill for $7,000 is unbelievable.

They must be trying to scam me and collect twice.

I was hit while in their car and I am sure the at fault person's insurance paid them. If they try to collect from my insurance or charge my credit card, I do not know what I will do.


same thing happened to me. not only that they charged me to towing to get it "inspected" when

there wasnt anything to inspect!!

to top it off the bill went from 2200 to 2600 by the time it went to the

collection agency! wow! how did a car that is considered a "total lost" all of a sudden go up $400??!!! in


when i asked why i cant be there for the inspection they said it nots proctocol? really ...

then you can slap me with 2200 in damages. how about taking it to my own mechanic? nope cant do that either

how about searching the VIN number to see if any autobody ever fixed it...

nope cant do that either. total scammers. i will never ever rent from them. woulndt take it even if it was FREE!!

this is called injustice..

however, a lesson learned ... take pictures before you leave the place and do not feel rushed by them!

Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1335694

I can't believe how prevalent this is. Same thing happened to me.

Somebody hit my car, so the insurance company put me up with Enterprise. I used the car for a week while the repair was being done to mine, and when I dropped it off, the claimed there was some damage to the rocker panel. Some dents that weren't there before. I was surprised, as I had never abused the car in any way.

He said he had notes and pictures, but wasn't able to produce them, saying they were sent to another office (didn't make sense). Then they hit me with a $450 charge.

I am more than upset.

This is such sleezy scam, I can't believe they are still getting away with it. They don't need to bother putting me on the "Do Not Rent" list, because I'll never set foot in their place again.

Piscataway Township, New Jersey, United States #1231285

Hi All,

I rented a car in enterprise (hyundai accent 2016) and when car was parked some one hit my car and my front bumper is broken so can i know what will be the amount which enterprise charge me. As when asked hyundai dealer he said that it will cost around 700$. Can any one let me know the amount they charge.

Orlando, Florida, United States #1229057

Just buy the insurance and you won't have to worry about it

to Anonymous #1428152

At 22.50 a day extra? Not on your life.

Just do your diligence when picking up a car. Take your own pictures, and make note of anything visible directly on the invoice.


I live in Bradenton, Florida and this scam is still going on. I just received a letter from the Damage Recovery Unit asking for my car insurance information so they can bill my insurance company for 'damage' the the vehicle I rented from Enterprise in March, 2016.

The thing is, this car was backed into a tar covered telephone pole by the Enterprise employee who parked the car prior to my rental and the tar was noted by the person doing the check out of the car. When I dropped the car off at the Tampa Airport, I was flagged for damage, escorted to the glass booth office where the agent behind the desk looked at my rental pick up receipt and told the person who had inspected the car that the damage was noted and I was free to go. Now I get this *** letter in the mail. I did not cause any damage and I refuse to give this scam claim any of my insurance information.

I am appalled at seeing how many other people have had the same experience with Enterprise. This company deserved to be sued right out of business for these fraudulent business practices.


enterprise charged me with damage I never had just charged my credit card they stiel your money be carefull do not rent from enterprise

Denver, Colorado, United States #1068216

I'm in on a class action lawsuit as well.

I just got an Email from the Enterprise that the car I rented from them has a 20" scratch on it. I picked up the car in the evening and this location has a very dark parking lot.

I did not see any scratches on the car when I picked it up and I did not scratch it when I had it. I returned the car early a.m., the office opened up at 9 a.m. but I was there at about 8:30 a.m I asked the two girls working there if they could check me in but they said they were not open yet and everything would be ok. Just drop it off they said, which I did, only to get an email a few hours later that my credit card deposit was being held until the damage recovery dept.

looked it over. What do I do?

I didn't scratch the car? I've been a Enterprise customer for over 10 years with no problems at all like this.

to RPMoore #1068387

Fight them. Put them on blast thru social media.

It's Fraud. Enterprise are Crooks.

Denver, Colorado, United States #1068213

I just got an Email from the Enterprise that the car I rented from them has a 20" scratch on it. I picked up the car in the evening and this location has a very dark parking lot.

I did not see any scratches on the car when I picked it up and I did not scratch it when I had it. I returned the car early a.m., the office opened up at 9 a.m. but I was there at about 8:30 a.m I asked the two girls working there if they could check me in but they said they were not open yet and everything would be ok. Just drop it off they said, which I did, only to get an email a few hours later that my credit card deposit was being held until the damage recovery dept.

looked it over. What do I do?

I didn't scratch the car? I've been a Enterprise customer for over 10 years with no problems at all like this.


I'm dealing with this *** right now . I rented a car from a place I rent maybe 5 times a year .

It was a car that was already scratched up . I mentioned it to him during a check up before leaving . He said it's already marked down . I went off .

Have witnesses as to how it looked also . I return it .

8 days later I get a letter from damage w.e . I'll see how this turns out .

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