Went to my car regular car dealership for work on my car and they rented an Enterprise car "as a courtesy" when the mechanic showed up late and the repair was clearly going to take longer. One day turned into two, and on the third day, went to pick up my car and turned in the Enterprise car at the dealership.

A few days later, got a call that there was "damage" to a hub cap. Three hundred dollars worth. Called Enterprise and explained that the car was returned undamaged, it was parked in a residential driveway and on a govt lot all the time it was rented. There was no leeway with the omnitrons that work there that it was quite possible that the person driving the car from the dealership back to the Enterprise lot, or a person moving the car around at the dealership with whom they have a business relationship to "rent" vehicles to their customers, could be responsible.

I had left the car at the dealership per their instructions but in the end I was responsible for damage that mysteriously appeared on a hub cap. They returned to "the contract" which I never wanted in the first place - just a repaired car - and one I will fall for again. I have never experienced such lack of customer service or ability to adjust to anything outside their "script." What a racket and sad, sad company that would perpetrate their schemes on customers that simply want to get their cars repaired and not have "a courtesy rental" turn into a nightmare.

Lesson learned on both counts. Stay far away from this company.

Review about: Enterprise Rent A Car Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $330.

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Man enterprise is the best car company on the planet. Their customer service is exceptional.

I am sorry you had this experience but it's seems your extremely bitter about the situation. Maybe you did damage the car and just didn't notice it. You may have hit a curb and thought you just hit it with tire. Now I can understand 300 is a lot to just repair a hubcap.

If you wanted to make sure that there was no problems with the vehicle you could have easily brought it back to enterprise and had them drive you back to the dealership. They did pick you up from there, right.

to Anonymous #856215

I have also only had good rentals with them. You should have checked it in and not just left it. Sorry your fault.

Renton, Washington, United States #652075

Hello, my name is Megan from the Social Monitoring Team at Enterprise Rent-a-Car and I wanted to thank you for sharing your experience. We've taken note of your concern and are interested in addressing this. Please contact us at care@enterprise.com with complete details, including your contact information, rental agreement or reservation number, the address of your specific rental branch, and any further information. We'd be happy to help. When emailing, please list Reference Number 130516-002605 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.



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