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This rental was an insurance rental from a third-party for the repairs on our personal vehicle. When the vehicle rented we went to pick it up at the I240 location but they did not have any vehicles.

The lady at the counter told us they had two returns they just got in at the Moore, Oklahoma location so we went down there and picked up the rental. My husband mentioned to the assistant manager that the car was filthy, inside and out, smelled like smoke, had not been washed and was ¾ full of gas. His reply was we just got it in and was quite rude with Bob. We wrote it off to him having a “Bad Day”.

They walked around and Bob mentioned all of these things and he disregarded his comments. We needed the vehicle so we took it.

This is the interesting part and a scam on behalf of your personnel. When we were writing up the rental they of course tried to get me for your loss damage waiver and it was declined.

We live in Norman, OK and there was a bad storm the week we had the vehicle but, what he doesn’t know is I have a garage at home and work and that vehicle was in the garage during this bad weather. This “***” from Enterprise almost mowed my husband down running out to the vehicle and said there is hail damage. He wiped away a spot on the roof that without my glasses I could not see. I told him you saw my Norman address and you are trying to get this abused vehicle fixed on my behalf and that will not happen.

I told him I wanted a time stamped photo of this vehicle before we took it and what date and time this vehicle was in his fleet before I took it. His reply was that will never happen. REALLY, you know why, it was filthy and you could not of see the damage even if it was there. This is the biggest scam I have even been a part of and I WILL NOT pay nor will my insurance company.

You have no authorization to run my credit card. We signed no documentation agreeing to this damage and will not. I have filed a complaint with the Attorney Generals office and BBB. I will retain an attorney if needed.

Dillon Johnson ran my credit card for $1000 that evening without my approval.

Product or Service Mentioned: Enterprise Rent A Car Hundai Car Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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