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This is the LAST of several identical incidents. I had a CONFIRMED RESERVATION completed and printed one week in advance of my rental appointment which was earlier this year on a Saturday at 11:45AM. (My residence is exactly 1.2 miles from the location)

I called at 11:00AM that morning for a pick up, their reply was "we cannot pick you up, all the employees (of which there was one) are either busy or out picking up customers", I then said, "I am also a customer and have an 11:45 reservation and only live 1.2 miles away", they replied (as expected) "I'm sorry we can't help you today".

Everything got worse from there. I took a cab to the agency that cost me $4 and a $2 tip. I arrived at precisely 11:45 and saw one rental agent at the counter, while the other was washing cars. I also noticed more than 12 people in line, and was astutely aware that the supply of available cars was quite low in numbers.

I went to the counter , and excused myself, then said you know I am concerned since I DO HAVE A CONFIRMED RESERVATION and I see supply is low. The agent responded "I am the manager, I'm doing all I can, we are shorthanded" at that time I reminded him of the confirmation contract I possessed, he replied "EVERYONE in line has a confirmed contract", which I shortly learned was a lie, as the next customer had NO RESERVATION but he was processed next.

At this time I could see the redness increasing in the man who claimed to be the manager and he was beginning to literally "sweat bullets".

When the second employee came to the counter, I immediately went to her and told her "maam, I have a confirmed reservation for (well now it was past noon) 11:45AM, could you please get me into a car? I have a funeral to attend".

She proceeded to take my reservation and begin the rental. Moments later the manager approached the other agent and said, "are you renting to this man"? She replied, "yes" to which the manager totally lost it, I mean he was certifiable and should have been hospitalized.

He said "did I tell you to rent to him"? he continued. "Stop what you are doing" and then turned to me and said "I am NOT renting to you, so leave"

I said "but I have a binding contract" to which he said "I don't give a **** what you have", I then dialed 911 and the POLICE arrived in 15 minutes, told me it was a civil matter, and I am preparing a $25,000 CIVIL Lawsuit, as the Police officers said I could sopena them as witnesses.

Enough said NEVER AGAIN


Product or Service Mentioned: Enterprise Rent A Car Car Rental Booking.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Review #1214156,We’ve noted your comments and would like the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to include the exact rental location, your contact telephone number, your reservation numbers and any further information regarding your experience with us.We look forward to hearing from you.Regards,Carol H.Social Monitoring

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