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Well... I was on my way to becoming a frequent Enterprise rent-a-car (and truck) customer....until this morning that is.

Last week I was in TX (Abliene, TX) and had a great time with the folks at the aiport rental center. Car (Ford Focus) was awesome...very clean, offered all the amenities and was just what I needed.

Fast forward a few days and I'm now back in CA. Dropping my classic car off to my mechanic just down the street from the Oxnard Airport. Used Enterprise again because of my great experience in TX. Well, what a disappointment. First, the guy at the counter had the personality of a wet rag, did not seem very happy to be there and for a short time I was concerned that I would even GET the car I reserved days ago. I needed a vehicle to travel 2 hrs north to get back home to where my other personal car was. After waiting around 20 minutes, they called me to walk out to the parking lot to see the vehicle. It was nothing special, a Ford Fiesta (newer model, white). The windows were all opened 1/4 down as if they were airing it out and just had cleaned it. I think that's what was happening while I was waiting in the lobby....they were preparing it for me. Well.... I looked over the vehicle's exterior (having rented cars and trucks before) and couldn't see any significant damage, no chipped paint, cracked glass, ripped interior....nothing that showed being hit or in an accident. I was fine and ready to take it for the two hour freeway drive north.

The one thing that surprised me is the fuel tank was at 1/4. Almost every rental I've had, there's been more than just 1/4 tank of fuel left. I always return my rentals with the same and so this one just felt strange but whatever, it'd come back with the same or more. The second thing I noticed is the vehicle stunk like cigarettes.... I was under the impression that most cars were non-smoking, maybe I was wrong but the smell was just nasty. I believe this is the reason they had the windows open, to air it out!

The car was clean, it had very little power but that was fine...again, I only needed it for traveling north two hours and to return it, next morning.

I take the car back, expecting nothing but to sign, give keys back, etc. This doesn't happen... the guy at the desk (very helpful) notices rounded basketball dents on the roof??!!!! I see them too and they're not only on one side, but also on the passenger side. WTF!!!? You have to be at a certain angle to see them, the light has to hit them just right. Well, my reaction is total surprise, shock and then nausea as I know very well that this damage was not from anything that happened when I had possession of the vehicle.

So, the guy at the counter charges $250 to my card, plus the rental amount, and files the information that I am unaware of the damage and it could be pre-existing. This doesn't sit well with me.... I'm furious that I may have to pay for someone else's lack of integrity and carelessness. Fuming that the lazy a-hole Enterprise guy in Oxnard who obviously wanted to go home didn't even see the damage. Its my understanding that the Oxnard Enterprise should have inspected the car prior to even renting it to me. Given their lack of professionalism, I wouldn't put it past them to glaze over the quality of the car, especially if it was a 'quick get it ready to rent again' last minute to me. I greatly have to question Oxnard Enterprise's quality steps when it came to this car....

I'm pissed, it's the f'n weekend and corporate is closed but this is not going to sit unattended. I will gladly go to task against Enterprise over this. I took pictures of the damage and if there's ever a time I rent from them again, you can BET photos will be taken ahead of time. Screw the "imployee" who doesn't want to be there, that inspection time is MY TIME, and from now on I'm going to take as much time as I can so i'm never put in this situation ever again.

Regardless of outcome, if this gets excused, or i end up paying for someone else's lack of morality and Enterprises lack of customer service, I will never take an Enterprise employee's word when inspection is involved.

I've attached some images I took upon return. It takes a keen eye and the right angle to even see the damage. This just confirms that unless you squat from different angles and have bright sunlight to show imperfections that you aren't going to see it. I was right next to the damage and could only capture it with two of my's that hard to detect.

I look forward to speaking with someone who can address my concerns!

Product or Service Mentioned: Enterprise Rent A Car Truck Rental.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Burbank, California, United States #685637

Status Update on my claim.... Received a letter from Damage Claim department stating their investigation was complete and I was still at fault.

This was not acceptable and therefore a call was placed to the department at such time they noted I was continuing my claim dispute. I received a call within a day from the regional director from Enterprise (Jeff?). The guy was amazing, listened, very understanding and chose to look at the past 10 rental contracts. His level of professionalism was top notch and a voice of reason that was unexpected from the corporate side.

My case was further explored and after a few days was dismissed so it looks like once I receive my $250 back, my case will be history and life can return to normal. This experience has been stressful at times but thankfully has come through with a positive outcome.

I have learned some valuable lessons in inspecting rental vehicles even more before ever signing on any dotted line. That said, I will still use Enterprise for future rentals as I'm sure this crazy experience was an isolated incident.

Marco Island, Florida, United States #676261

this happened to me at the enterprise in naples florida on airport road. first they gave us a car that had just been turned in they didnt wash it and it was a mess but they were busy and we wanted to get on the road.

we went over the car with a agent and pointed out about 10 marks on the car which the agent tried to say were nothing but we made him mark it down. before we returned the car we washed it inside and out. they were supposed to open at 7:30 am. we were there at 7:30 and waited till almost 8 am i had to go to work so we put the keys in the drop box because no one had shown up yet.

two hours later we get a call that the car was damanaged in the parking lot the night before. i was like excuse me we were there at 7:30 this morning the car wasnt even in the parking lot the night before and they hung up on me and then took my deposit plus two hundred more dollars for this so called damanage. in the end it was my fault i should never have left it but i never thought the would do something like this. i found out later this happens alot at this enterprise office.

no one should ever go there. i rent a car every five weeks for four days and i now rent from budget i pay alittle more but it is well worth it. also please dont post for me to send in my contract and you will look into it.

i did that twice and never heard back. i hope this prevent even one person from having this happen.



We’ve taken note of your concern and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to including the exact rental location information, your contact information, your rental agreement and any further information regarding your experience with us.

When emailing, please list Reference Number 130625-001492 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.


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