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Dear Sir,

Recently, between 17/01 to 13/02/2013 rent car from LHR, in returning the car to my big surprise, I been kept for an hour questioning about ½ inch hair size mark on the left front tyre, which hard to see even if you take several zoom in photo??? I do not understand this.. They immediately charge 200pounds, before even write the report... the report he put in it first before I object 2 inch tear, I ask the person in the desk to see it he went and see it and put his tip of the pen in the tyre, he said see it go in this tiny little mark!?? It’s something, I never saw in my carrier live as a business traveler, he want not to break his fellow action? When I said to that man this is bad customer care action, he replies his patients are becoming thin….??!! The *** name proudly given to me as : Jock Vaughan assistance branch manager, and add e mail to me to complain which is DRV.UK9Z@ERAC.COM as you could see it in the attach scan for his report and with his business card..

I never wetness such behavior before in this branch, which I usually hire with them frequently since last year, I could not find anyone, I know to help because when I ask he told me they left???is that a Deliberate act to make me never hire from enterprise, and put it in black list with respect to our co. and other co. we know..

The questions:- that hair mark on the tyre ,which I blamed with, could not be, before I hire the car, it’s to tinny to see- photo attach 3 times in 2 different camera,??

2. This could not be a malfunction from the tyre co. itself with such a cold and severe weather???

3. If 1 & 2 is not valid, what’s the meaning of DAMAGE WEAVER which is included in the rent does not cover such a tiny tiny mark??!!

4. Is that mark or even all the tyre cost 200 pound??? Which they charge me it directly without I now, SMS from my bank a alert me, when I said to him you did not even finish the report he reply it’s not him, the other person --- he meant the one which he receive the car, which I notice him moving the car in the area like crazy person looking for something else in the car, which not existing in the time I surrender the car..

Am really surprise and sorry for such a nice co. I thought, to have such employees, which they try hard to disrespect and rejects costumer in that savage way…

With my respect am waiting to see your actions towards that before I proceed further

Your s,

Professor Dr farouk Alwatban

President of WALA (

18 Bellfield St. Edinburgh, Scotland EH15 2BP

Tel home: +447853381737

Tel now: +966505229122

Photo and scan will send on your email which I do not know?

Product or Service Mentioned: Enterprise Rent A Car Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $313.

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Renton, Washington, United States #610956

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would like to look into this further. Please email Care[at] with your full name, the exact rental location and any other details. (Tatiana)

When emailing, please list reference # 130218-002375 the subject line.


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