Made a car rental reservation with Enterprise car rental through Hotwire. The reservation stated that Enterprise accepts both credit cards and debit/check cards.

However, upon arrival, the representative told me I needed at least 2 utility bills if using a debit card. As my utility bills are paid on line, I could not produce them.

With my reservation denied, I went to Avis and was able to rent a car with my debit card. Avis performs credit checks, while Enterprise demands archaic paperwork which no one carries on their person, nor was there any such instructions on the reservation.

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Same here! Went to pick up the rental on the day of our vacation and was denied based on not having a stupid utility bill because my utilities are included in the money I pay my father to rent his house--they are in his name...We had pay stubs, plenty of money to cover the deposit and full rental, and proof of insurance.

The rental agent never even asked to see those--it's clearly stated on Enterprise's website that they may ask to see some (not all) of the other documents when renting with a debit card.

We had 4 out 5...it's a stupid policy. Plus, not everyone is dumb enough to own a credit card--it's a choice not to get into debt, and I haven't had one in over 10 years.


I had same issue I have my PG and E automatically paid using my debit card so i was unable to get the bill so I had to go to hertz where they accepted my debit card with no utility bill required and Hertz gave me a free upgrade It was my first time going into a enterprise location and I will never use enterprise again I will use any other company except for enterprise including uber and lyft and the taxi company


you could have just pulled up the bill on your phone and sent it to them via email. I've done it while there to pick up my vehicle multiple times


Yes I have rented from them for years and have never been asked to produce a copy of my utility bill?? Today they required it and would not let me rent the car without it.

Ridiculous as I rented a car at Easter and was not asked about it.

I am done with Enterprise forever. They sucked before anyway!


I’m a Enterprise Plus member and STILL have to show utility bills and/or major credit card? I haven’t paid a utility bill in 8 years, it’s included in my rent.

I’ve rented cars by the month from Enterprise ($1300/mo in Los Angeles) and treated like a convict by Enterprise. I have car insurance/title two forms of id, three debit cards and I own a house in Cleveland


Yep they suck the people were rude they employees look like truck drivers in suits the whole experience was horrible and they denied me because I couldn't produce a utility belt after my insurance covered the rental fees for having rental insurance.




The same experience happened to me as well. The key remote to the car was dead and I called to ask them if I could exchange my vehicle.

The guy told me to take the key to Firestone or Tire Plus and have them exchange the battery...

why should I have to do THEIR job? Never renting from there AGAIN!


They're still doing this today. Now if You don't require that paperwork with debit, they sure as Tartarus didn't tell me that.


I was denied use of my CREDIT CARD because I couldn't produce two utility bills. The employee was extremely rude about it, and basically said "get lost". I went over to Alamo, and they were super nice.

Seriously Enterprise, what millenium are you training your employees to do business in?

Lansing, Illinois, United States #1176186

I forgot to add that, after he did not produce a policy, Adrian,the manager then accused me of threatening to sue and did not rent the car to me that I had reserved 3 days prior. He lured me out of the store, put his foot at the door and dared me to try to enter.

It was at this point I decided to film his behavior.

It's posted on instagram.

PS.....why is everyone posting anonymously ??

Lansing, Illinois, United States #1176184

Hi, I too had the same experience. I asked the manager, Adrian, for the policy outlining this practice, there is not a policy.

The manager informed me that staff are "Trained" to ask for utility bills. When renting online or, just inquiring about Enterprise online the terms for rental state that Utility bills are only for "Cash" transactions. Debit cards are an acceptable form of vehicle rental. I am actively searching for an Attorney for a class action lawsuit for breach of the online contract; false advertising; and misleading customers.

Please let me know if you are interested at lfaye56@yahoo.com.


to lindasledge7 #1432623

Sign me up. They stranded my mother in st Louis today. I'm furious

to lindasledge7 #1444149

Yep me too

to lindasledge7 #1450514

Let me know!!! I’m in


This just happened to me too! I was able to pull up bills on my phone, but they ALSO asked me for two personal references.

I called my bank, and they told me that there was no reason why I should have to provide all that information.

This is the LAST time I use Enterprise!

to Anonymous #1436972

A reference.. we're you getting a job there.

No renting a car. Smh


3 years after you posted this, I can tell you Enterprise is STILL using that nonsense utility bill policy in the year 2015. I couldn't believe I was required to bring a utility bill today.

I usually rent with other companies and I had no idea this was the policy. It is antiquated and beyond ridiculous.

I proved I was credit worthy by providing them with my utility bill and then I cancelled my reservation and stormed out. No reason to bow down to them when there are plenty of other rental car companies.


I went through the same issue. Was actually told that I had to bring a utility bill as well as my paystub which both are hard to produce because nobody carries that stuff around.

Upon arriving I was told that my car insurance was not an approved form and that I would need a different type of bill. This was a complete waste of time and an inconvenience. Especially when I was told ahead of time by enterprise personal that those documents were fine.

All they could say was they gave you wrong information. Ridiculous!!!

to Anonymous #991547

Anonymous, thank you for commenting on your experience with us. We want to rent to everyone we possibly can so it’s no problem if you don’t have a credit card.

Our local offices are happy to help you. We do ask customers to bring in a few extra items before renting. The reason for this is a credit card shows that your credit check and background check have already qualified you for a predetermined line of credit while your debit card does not require the same qualifications. You can find details about our debit card policy online using the link provided.


We'd be happy to speak with you directly about this. Please email care@enterprise.com with any rental agreement or reservation numbers, the full details of your rental and your contact information. Please reference number 150604-000960 in the subject line of your email. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

–Carol H. Social Monitoring Coordinator Enterprise Rent A Car

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