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Fort Mill, SC Location located in Ford Dealership-- A month in advance of my husbands annual hunting trip I reserved a luxury SUV online for my husband to pickup the evening he was leaving. The morning of, a local sales rep called to ask him why he hadn't picked it up and we told him we were coming later in the day (we did not think we had an "appointment" per the online process).

He then asked how my husband would be paying and we said debit card. The rep responded great see you soon. No other detail was provided regarding special rental requirements. Later that day we go to pick up the rental.

We bring our debit card, license and proof of insurance including info with our deductibles. We walk in and a lady sitting at a desk without greeting us, motions us to come over to her. The location is ridiculously small and it was crowded. She asks our name but can't understand us after we stated it three times.

Once she finally finds our reservation she says I need a utility bill. I ask her why and she states because corporate will fire her if she doesn't have ask. I ask to speak to the manger so that I can better understand the request and she says I'm the manager and then very rudly says that no one would provide more info it is what it is. She said it's somewhere on the Enterprise web site probably in small print and the smirked at me.

I then asked if our vehicle could be ready to go when we got back and she said if they did not rent it to someone else while we were gone she would get it ready when we showed her the bill. She then said you know this is a $30k vehicle, rolling her eyes, I perceived based on her tone and body language that she did not trust or think we were worthy of renting this "expensive" of a vehicle. The reality is we simply did not want to put the wear and tear on our $70k (truly luxury SUV). But We were at her mercy because we planned to have the vehicle and my husband was calling around but no other rental companies had large SUVs on hand.

We are frustrated because my husband is supposed to be on the road in one hour but we agree to go home and find a bill. We aren't able to locate a paper bill but we call our water company and they quickly emailed our last one. We return to the rental office. When we come in a customer is behind the desk with the manager charging her cell phone which I found to be concerning because they have credit card info and our processing sales and this person could easily snap pictures of their screens.

The manager does not greet us but the male rep does. I was relieved thinking he may have a better approach to customer service. My husband shows him the bill on his phone and he barely looks at it dose not zoom in and then asks me to tell him our address. I state its on the bill and he says I don't really look at that we just needed to know that you have one.

He then says I need your license and credit card. I ask him to first provide the total. He says he can't without seeing our credit card. I'm getting really frustrated.

My husband hands it to him and he says oh this is a luxury car you can't use a debit card because of the deposit and deductible. I said we don't have his credit card on hand only his debit card. Further we just went home to figure out the utility bill and you could have told us then. He said corporate will fire me if I don't do it this way.

I said well I have our joint BoFA card it has my name but my husband is primary. You could call and verify he says that won't work. My husband says wait a minute I talked to you today and you confirmed debit was fine. My husband raised his voice but was not even close to yelling.

At this point the male rep says enterprise will not being doing business with you get out of the store. He and the female manager walked from around the desk and moved toward us until they backed us out of the store. The male then repeated to my husband you are no longer an enterprise customer. The situation escalated because no solution oriented or even friendly service was offered during the interactions.

I was actually thankful we did not give them a credit card because no one would tell me about the potential fees or what they could charge to the card. I felt humiliated, my six year old son was in tears and have never received worse service in my lifetime.

I have never been kicked out of any public place in my lifetime either. My husband just drove our vehicle, we saved and Enterprise lost $1k and my business indefinitely.

Product or Service Mentioned: Enterprise Rent A Car Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Address / train employees.

I liked: Online process.

I didn't like: Rudeemployees, Rude just short of violent employees.

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Waltmans, we appreciate it when customers tell us about their experiences. I assure you that it's never our intention to inconvenience our customers.

We would like to speak with you further. Please email with your contact information, exact rental office location, rental contract information and the details above so we can address this situation.

Thank you. – Carol H.

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