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UPDATE: I spoke with a lady today representing the Enterprise Damage Recovery Unit. I got all the information I could from her.

Total damage amount, and all of the reference numbers I could get. When I asked her who I would need to speak to about disputing the claim she told me in no uncertain terms that "there is no disputing the claim", and that there was "no way to dispute the claim".

I find it SHOCKINGLY hard to believe that there is no way to dispute a claim. I am sure that my attorney will find a way!

Original review posted by user Feb 20, 2013

So back in December I rented a car for a holiday trip. There was the usual issues when picking up a rental but nothing out of the ordinary.

While returning home the day before returning the car a semi truck kicked up a rock and chipped the windshield. When returning the car I was forthcoming with that information. I had agreed to put up a $100 deposit and forgo the offered insurance. When I returned the car the man at the office said they would keep my deposit and that would cover the cost of the windshield in the car.

I was bothered by the fact they charged me at all but I figured that was what I get for not getting their "Insurance". I recently received notification that they expect me to pay over $300 for the windshield! I think it is ridiculous that I would be expected to pay for damages that were totally out of my control! I didn't wreck the car, smoke in it, or anything else like that.

I even vacuumed it before I returned it! Not to mention I was honest about it all. This is how a company treats an honest person!?

I suppose that says a lot about them. What ever happened to honest business?

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I personally can't imagine why you would be so bothered by this if you were driving your own car and that happened to you and your car you would have to pay to have it fixed there's no difference


You say it was not your fault and I'm sure it wasn't. However, it wasn't their fault either and you refused to get their insurance for it so you assumed responsibility for any damage.

Have you checked with your insurance company? My insurance company assures me that I am covered by them in rental cars.

Worth a phone call at least.


Call your bank and dispute the charges. I would say it was theft and have them refund the money.

If that doesn't work get an attorney or take them to small claims.

If it helps you may need to work your way up the ladder of management until you find someone who will help. The hierarchy at Enterprise is: Assistant Manager > Station Manager > Branch Manager > Area Manager > Regional / VP.

Always ask to speak to a Branch or Area manager, these are the people who can actually help. If that doesn't work try going to their boss.

to Anon #1466076

You signed a contract and it states: damages....wake up Mr I want to talk to a manager, if that was your car, who are you going to complain to? your mom?

Rental companies offer extra insurance, and you pay insurance for windshield damages as well (if you don't , you are responsible for ).Common... if you can afford a lawyer to dispute charge (which is a damaged you caused), you can afford to pay for the repair.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #614592

dougrozet, I have a pretty similar case or even worse. There is no way out.

There are no normal people there, only thiefs.

My story is longer. When I got my old car flooded by Sandy and my grandma was dying in the hospital, I needed to rent a car. I found one at the Enterprise closest to my location in Brooklyn, NY. It was a real bad day (raining cats and dogs the whole day).

When I picked the car, it was all wet outside and dirty inside, the car was showed to me in dark garage for inspection. I was asked to check the car for damages while the agent was quickly vacuuming the car inside. I've been told to check all the bumpers carefully for damages. It was kind of dark, I made a circle checking the car for damages and didn't find anything.

Then I was asked by the agent if I would like to pay $15 extra for insurance. Since I am a very careful driver with no accidents for the past 23 years, of course I rejected to pay for it. This is where all problems started.

The next day, when the weather was just perfect I took the rental car to the carwash and went to a dealership in New Jersey, bought a new car and was really happy. I couldn't come to a nice dealarship driving a dirty car.

I was nice and invested my own money and cleaned the rental car. The dealer told me I can drop my rental car in another location which was 5 mins away. When I returned the car to the man at the office, he was checking the car and noticed a small dent on the roof of the car. It was hardly noticeable, but the guy said he needed to report it.

I told him that I wasn't responsible for the dent, and only noticed it when he shown it to me when he was . After a small conversation he recommended that I go back to the original office in Brooklyn and talk to the agents there. I did exactly what I have been told and explained the situation and was assured by the agents "not to worry about it": the dent was on the roof and wasn't caused by an accident. Everything was fine for about 2 weeks and then I got a call from a nasty person from Recovery Services.

She said there is a claim regarding damages on the rental car. I told her the whole story and she said it is my responsibility once I signed the paperwork at the rental office. While I was on the phone I remembered that there was rust on the top of dent and it could not have happened in the course of one day and if the car was covered by water, there was no way for me to notice that small dent less than 5 inches. I tried to explain that to her again and again on multiple calls, but it was like talking to a wall.

She kept repeating that since I signed the paperwork, I had to pay $475 for damages. I was shocked, because the small dent wouldn't cost more than $100 to fix, and If I wasn't responsible for the damage, I shouldn't be paying for it. So she gave me 10 days to pay or send to collections. Today I went back to the Brooklyn office to speak with the assistant manager there and explain everything over and over again.

He revealed that in New York, if the dent is smaller than 5 inches, the rental agency shouldn't count it as a dent, but he wasn't sure if that policy applies in NJ. Long story short, he sent me back to same recovery services folks. At this point, you are absolutelly right that there was "no way to dispute the claim". It is hard to believe that this company is doing dirty business but there should be a way to stop all that.

I guess we need to scream out to more people and make them aware of our situation so it doesn't happen to them. If I hadn't taken the rental car to the carwash, the dent there wouldn't have been noticed.



We’ve taken note of your concern and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to care[at]enterprise.com including the rental location information, your contact information, rental agreement or reservation number and any further information regarding your experience with us.

When emailing, please list Reference Number 130222-003060 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.



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to EnterpriseCares Palm Beach, Florida, United States #846117

I had the same thing happen last week.horrible treatment by Enterprise after a semi threw a rock that cracked my windshield…Enterprise says it's my fault, i refuse to pay or give them my insurance info…when I turned the car in the gentleman said this happens all the time and no big deal…this was not caused by my carelessness…their attitude is terrible and i will never rent from them again...

to *** b #1520669

I have one right now. Same thing.

I wouldnt even have the rental car if my car wasnt under recall. Ford is paying the rental.

Enterprise is wanting me to pay $1,000 for a small crack at my insurance repairs for free they won't let me go through my insurance and I don't understand why I'm still waiting on a call back from corporate office. Its been a very bad day i will never ever do business with Enterprise again if somebody does not call me back and make this right but it's not my fault that a rock flew up and hit the windshield and I was told that I didn't have to get their insurance because my insurance covers it

to EnterpriseCares Astoria, New York, United States #1197598

Carol, my husband just called me saying he was driving and a rock hit hit windshield spidering it. He panic'd and pulled over and called me.

What should we do- i think he declined the additional insurance.

this certainly was not his carelessness and is not at fault. what are the real options?

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