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I was in an auto accident and needed a rental car. My Insurance Company is Liberty Mutual which is a wonderful Company with great customer service unfortunately they work with Enterprise when a vehicle is needed. I told them that I will never get in a vehicle that is rented through them. First off Enterprise makes a false statement in their ads! They lie about picking you up because unless it is very close they say no we cannot pick you up.

After spending so much time on the phone with them trying to get me a vehicle from an Enterprise close to my job, I was told there were no vehicles at one location and I had to search several Enterprises on my own. I finally got in touch with one that had a vehicle that was the same type of car I was used to and told me they would hold it but, they couldn't pick me up because it was two small towns away. I took a cab to get there because they were closing at 6.

I got there and the woman was friendly and had my authorization from Liberty Mutual to get the rental. Then I was told the car that I wanted was taken by 3 people that had gotten there 10 minutes before me (which by the way were still there in my presence) but, they had another one which was the same mid size car similar to mine that I was promised! I agreed because the other Enterprise wanted to give me a mini van that I would not feel comfortable driving. 5 minutes later another Enterprise helper came in and told the woman helping me I couldn't have that one because it needed an oil change and I couldn't have that one. "Oh but, we have a newer car for you!" they said. At this point I wanted to get home after a traumatic day so they rushed me because they were closing at 6 p.m. I watched them hose down (not wash) a small Ford Focus which I hated driving. they did not wipe it down that I barley could see out of the windows and the inside was far from clean even wrappers and receipts under the seats ! They walked me to the car but, did not give me a walk around nor showed me anything in the car. I literally sat in the car 15 minutes to try to figure out where everything was and just not used to what I have been diving!

Now it was already getting dark out and when I did get home that night, it was dark and I didn't check to see if there were any scratches or damages on the car. The next day I drove to work parked the car across the street. I left to go home and the sun was shining on the bumper and I noticed scratches of blue paint on the rear bumper of the driver side. I don't even know if they were there when I picked up the car. I'm still trying to locate videos on my camera outside of my house to see if the scratches were there. I should have checked the car before I took possession of it. Needless to say, they charged $500 on my credit card after speaking to someone they told me I can put a claim in to my insurance company or since my deductible is 500.00 I might just want to pay for it. Then I got charged another $34.86. I called them again and they told me I would get the actual damage report because they told me it was severe damage which they said was a dent and scratches!!! I said that is bulls**t! I took pictures and they were nothing but, scratches on the bumper that I'm sure could have been buffed out! They told me to wait for the estimate of the cost of the damage. Well now I got the damage report and they said the damage was $729.21 they deducted the original $500 added $100 Admin Fees $114.20 Loss of use per day and 72.92 for Diminishment value! Which now they want another $516.33 and sent me unrecognizable pictures compared to the pictures I took! Therefore for a 7 day rental it cost me

I've told several of my clients about Enterprise and anyone I talked to that used them said they are rip offs because they also had the same thing happen to them. Charged them for damages of a similar amount! Check other bad reviews! Therefore it will now come to a total of $1051.19 for a 13 day rental! They also picked up the car at the dealership where I purchased a new vehicle only 5 days later and charged my insurance company for a total of 16 days!

I will never recommend Enterprise to anyone!

I am also going to get in touch with the Better Business Bureau about the dishonesty and the way they handled this incident!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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AbleUmbrellaBird, we appreciate it when customers tell us about their experiences. I assure you that it's never our intention to inconvenience our customers.

We would like to speak with you further. Please email ehiescalationscc@mailca.custhelp.com with your contact information, exact rental office location, rental contract information and the details above so we can address this.

Thank you. – Carol H.

to EnterpriseCares #1499140

Thank you but Ive already spoken to Enterprise and they are unyielding in their demand that I pay the price for their corrupt business practices and/or untrained employees. Honestly this is the first time I have ever posted a bad review of any company, so understand I dont bash Enterprise lightly, I do it because they are enforcing policies that no consumer should ever be suckered into.Thanks

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