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I can not explain the service I received since day one!I was not explained the options I had in renting a car or what Enterprise provided!

I was a first time renter and choose Enterpprise to do business with! First and for most the workers attitude were horrible! Very fake and did not care about the customers satisfaction at all.They said i wasnt aloud to pay cash and delayed my rental, after 3 hrs i went back and another employee told me i could pay cash? Waste of my time!

They never explained the contrat or that i could take the vechicle out of town! I ended up finding out more things after the whole rental was done..i ended up spending 1,000.00 in 1wk of total rental! Plus got half my deposit tooken away, when i asked why they said they didnt know i had to speak with the manager! No explanation at all!!!!

Also, Gave my deposit onto someone elses card, which i now know they werent ever supoose to take someone elses card for payment and they did! I still do not have my deposit bacK! Ive called for help n they have always said to call back they were too busy to assist me! I spent oover 1,000.00 plus they took $70 out of my deposit and i still not know why!

I was never explained but well did they charge me! The empolyess were NO HELP at all and were very unprofessional! I've worked in the customer service industry for years and even i know better than to treat a customer that way! If that was my job i would have been fired on the spot for making the company look soooo bad!

Besides the service i loved the car! Clean, good on gas, nice, PERFECT!!! But i was not happpy at all with the service in the building! They told me they would have a manager call me regarding the situation with my deposit and why they took it awayy and it has been a wk after and still no call from a managerto explain!!!!

Wow! Great service! The girls names were Ashley and Sarah! I would not recommend that location ever again because of their poor service the employees gave!!!

I just called to ask about my deposit and some guy answered and laughed and said "im sorry ashley put it onto the cc u provided" even after i spoke to her and request a check in the mail! The guy said since i did make my last extension payment with a cc that they would give my deposit onto that cc...WHICH i was never explained either!!!!! Now i have to call my brother and kindly ask him if he could please send me my deposit because they couldnt follow directions! Enterprise on Daniels Parkway in Ft.Myers should be aware of my complaint!

And I also think I deserve a final explanation!!!V.Reyes

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