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on 1st week of Dec'12 I called the Branch and reserved an Extended Van for a week of Dec 24-31 to be picked up around 2:30PM on the 24th. I really didn't needed it the 25th, but since they are closed on 25th & closing at 3 PM on the 24th, I had to book it for that time.

I have received a call a week before from the branch to confirm the reservation date, which I did. Even though my reservation was not till 2:30 PM, I received a VM on Dec. 24th around 9AM that they closing the store at 3 to pick up the VAN. So I went and picked up the Van around 10:30AM.I rent from Enterprise frequently mostly because of their great service.

Unfortunately, this time I have some issues that I was not able to resolve with the store or through the national cust. service. I have called the 800# 4 times regarding these issues but did not able to speak to anyone in the corp. office which is extremely disappointing for me.Here is briefly what occurred:1.

I had insurance through my AMEX card which I intended to use as it is only $17 per rental vs $35/day at Enterprise. I was told by one of the Manager when I am checking in that AMEX card insurance does not cover extended van which what I was renting. Which I have later verified that any vehicle (except moving trucks) is covered under the plan. Intentionally or unintentionally the mgr.

has misinformed me about the AMEX coverage.2. When I was pre-checking the VAN, it appeared to me that front two tires were significantly low on air. Upon my request, the girl checking me in sent the Mgr. to check it out.

Mgr. looked at the tires and assured me they were good. I guess it was too much work for him to use the tire gauge he had on his hand to actually verify. Later when I checked the tire pressure options on the VAN, it showed the front two tires were fairly low on air.3.

Van had two 12V. Adapter outlet to charge portable electronics. I have later found that one did not work at-all, other one would only work if someone actually holding the charger for a while. We did not able to charge phones, gaming devices.

We preserved pwr on GPS by not keeping it on all the time.4. On our way to Dallas, we encountered some bad weather and need to use the windshield wiper fluid to clean the windshield. The fluid was keep freezing up as it hit the windshield. Probably was not winter blend.

After only using it for 3-4 times, the wiper fluid was completely out. 5. To make thing worse, the driver side wiper blade quit working properly. It would only work intermittently made the driving that much hazardous.

The weather was fairly OK in Dallas to the point we did not worry about it. On the way back we ran into bad weather again and had to drive through quiet away with no-fluid and bad wiper blade.So on the 31st, by the time we make it town and were able to drop the VAN off it was around 5:30PM. I was encountered by the store mgr at the time off drop off. I have explained him all the issue that the Van had, and his response was "Ha, I will have someone check it out" Then he told me I would have to pay for extra day since I picked up the VAN @ 10:30 AM and dropping it of at 5:30PM.

He did not offer any apology for my inconvenience. I happened to have a previous un-happy encounter with the same mgr at Ellisville Branch, so I did not want to argue with him and paid him whatever he wanted.I came home called the Enterprise National Cust. Serv. and filed a complaint and requested that some from crop.

to call me. 3 days later I get a call from the store regarding the issues. I later realized that the mgr that called me is the same person who misinformed me about the insurance and declined to check the tire pressure. Either way he apologized to me for some minor issues I had with the VAN and offered me to refund half day (of the extra day) rental.

I declined the offer and called the Cust. Serv. back again that day and 3 more time after that.

Never got a call from any one in the crop. office as of yet.

Review about: Enterprise Rent A Car Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Thank you for your post. My name is Gillian and I am on the Social Monitoring Team for Enterprise. We would like to look into your recent rental experience. Please email Care@Enterprise.com with your contact information and any additional details. In the subject line please type reference number 130129-002272.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to your email.


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