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In mid June of 2017, we received a rental from Enterprise in Aiea HI. Our Suburban was in the auto body shop.

Our 24 yr old daughter and our grand daughter, were here visiting at the time. When returning to the vehicle after dinner, we open the door and the van was infested with roaches, INFESTED!!!!! I have five children from the ages of 24 to 9 and a 3yr old grand daughter. The roaches were crawling all over the van inside and out.

There were so many roaches in the van that none of us wanted to get in, but we had to go home, it was late. We used news paper and tried to rid the van of what we could see. We all got in and my 14yr old son held all of the bags and purses, so the roaches would not get into any of our belongings. My daughter had to hold the 3yr old in her lap, because there were roaches in her carseat.

My 9 and 10 yr old children would not sit completely in their seats, the roaches were all over. Early the next morning we took the vehicle back to the Aiea location, and they were corporative, and exchanged the vehicle. While heading to the beach that same day, my children see roaches. So we head home and cancel our day, because the location was closed.

Early the next morning, I contacted the location and they were closed. I then called customer service and explained the issue. The lady I spoke with instructed me to return the vehicle to the airport location. She further added, due to the fact we received two vehicles with roaches from the same store, it appeared to be a location issue.

Before going to the airport location I gave them a call as advised, I gave a brief to the young lady who handled the call. The airport location rep then abruptly put me on hold, stating that she needed to talk with her manager. She then returned to the call and informed me that they had no vehicles and could not help us, with zero consideration and total disregard for our plight. I asked to speak to her manager, she told me he was too busy and he would only say what she had already told me.

I expressed to the young lady, this poses a safety issue as well as a rather large ticket. She concluded the call by saying, "Well I suggest you to take the van back where I got it." Extremely irritated and completely appalled, I call customer service for the second time. I give the gentleman CS rep a breakdown of what all has transpired within the 15 mins from, my first call to customer service to the present call at that time. The gentleman was just as appalled as I and he dissects each problem individually.

He first delivers my complaint to the general managers, second he makes a complaint of the roaches and third he advised me to call roadside. He suggested I call roadside because he did not have the ability to change cars. As advised I called roadside assistance and again explain the same story. Naturally, the gentleman I spoke with, was not happy.

He had no problem switching out the vehicle, he looked into the airport location and informed me that they had plenty of vans. Upon entering the airport location, before my husband and I were confronted with more unprofessionalism. We walk in and all of the employees were in the back office lounging. As we were approaching the counter, a young lady comes out of the office and says "We don't have any cars tonight", "We don't have nothing".

My husband and I hadn't even got close to the counter, we hadn't even spoke. We proceed to the counter and tell the young lady why we were there, she continues to tell us they had nothing to give us. Once able to get a word in, I let her know I had just spoken to roadside and roadside handled the transaction. She then leaves the counter, she returns with another female and the continue to tell us they can not help us.

I ask the other lady to look it up, and hesitantly she pulls up our info. Without saying anything further to us, she walks back to the office. The first young lady we spoke with then returns and asks for the key to the van we were returning. We give her the keys and she walks away, we are just standing at the counter waiting for further information or direction.

Now a different female comes out of the office and says wait outside for someone to help you. So now we are waiting outside, a different young lady pulls up in a different van. She exits the van and while walking away from my husband and I, she says, " you can check it out if you want". I say to the young lady I just don't want any roaches, she then replies all while still walking away from us, " the van only has 170miles on it, its brand new".

My husband and I were speechless, absolutely zero respect to us and they gave us a car that was over 60% downgraded..... The next morning I received a call from one of the general managers by the name of Charlie. I gave him a complete break down of what all took place in full detail. He said he was unhappy with the actions and he apologized for all of the mishaps.

He told me that he would find a van with the same amenities as the one we had and if he could not find one he would get us an SUV. Two days went by and I get a call from Charlie and he tells me he was not able to find anything for us, and I never heard from him again. So here we are.... We get a van with Roaches.

We take it back and get a second van with roaches. I call costumer service and I try to take the van to a different location and we are refused. I call customer service again and roadside assistance. They make the change in the system, and the new location left a very bad taste in our mouthes.

We had visitors here for a short amount of time, and we lost most of that time due to transportation issues, that were completely absurd!!!!! The employees of Enterprise Rent a car on the island of Oahu, were very unprofessional, rude, cold and condescending to me and my husband on any and all levels. We were given one of the most disgusting, inhumane vehicles from a car rental business ever in our lives. Not only was the vehicle inhumane, it posed a safety issue, due to the fact that if a roach were to crawl on the driver while driving, it could have caused a very bad accident.

The roaches were crawling in my grand daughters carseat, so we had to hold her on our lap, if pulled over we would receive a large ticket. We lost one week and a weekend of our visit with our daughter and grand daughter, they were here for two weeks. My husband and I haven't seen out daughter in 5 years because we have been traveling the world due to my husbands service in the US Navy. This issue with Enterprise Rent a Car took up most of our visit with our daughter, we missed reserved dinners, we lost money on a luau we were unable to attend.

We took this issue no further than my calls to customer service. Our claim now continues and our truck is once again in the shop on the same claim. Once again we need a rental car, we go to Enterprise rent a car Mapunapuna and again we are greeted with very cold service... We enter the location unbeknownst to us about 20mins before closing and a young lady came to the counter.

The first thing she said to us was, she had already shut down everything, but as she was saying that a male employee was finishing up with a customer. She pulls up the info in her system and she says, "All we have is compact cars". My husband tells her that we had a van prior to, and she then replies, " if you want a van you will have to pay the difference." My husband informs her of the case, I add to the conversation that I had personally spoke to Charlie, and I retrieved his voicemail from my phone. She tells us, "Theres not much he can do, He's the central manager." "Plus hes on vacation." My husband then asks her if there was anything she could do for us and she then accuses him of being angry because she won't give us a free upgrade.

I then told my husband we should leave, because I had enough of the disrespect and completely rude and unprofessional employees of Enterprise Rent a Car here on Oahu... So once again we are at a major inconvenience, I have 4 kids and no vehicle.... With everything that has taken place from the beginning I would expect Enterprise to stay true to their "TOP BOX" commitment. So far there has been nothin TOP BOX about anything my husband and I have experienced with Enterprise Rent a car.

At this point, my insurance company will be notified of the service and treatment and the condition of the vehicles that Enterprise Rent a car has provided to my family... The sad part of it all is the Founder of this company served in the US Navy, Im sure he would completely disappointed and dishearten to find out that a fellow service man also US Navy master chief and his family had such a horrific experience with his establishment.

At this point all I can do is hope that, things get better and costumers will be treated with value, I would not wish this for anyone.... Yelp enterprise rent a care in Hawaii, theres plenty....

Product or Service Mentioned: Enterprise Rent A Car Chrysler Car Rental.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Customer service 1800 number and roadside assistance.

I didn't like: Service.

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Carol H.

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to EnterpriseCares #1512583

Bwahaha, is Enterprise serious? A detailed email?

Why don't they simply look at the sequence of events as they were stated. What crap.

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