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I have never rented a car before but after my car accident the other motorist's insurance company sent me to Enterprise. They informed me they had been super busy that morning so maybe that's why they failed to check the vehicle thoroughly.

I didn't know I needed to walk around the car and point out and damage along the vehicle. Naively I took the salesman word that there was no damage. When I returned the car three weeks later the salesman pointed out that the front bottom bumper had paint scraped off. I knew I had not caused the damage and was livid.

Now these crooks have me on the hook for $441. The same salesmen who check the car when I rented it, checked it when I returned it and didn't notice or document the dent to the back of the car that I noticed a week after I had the car. When Enterprise sent the bill for the damage they sent a picture of a scrape on the side bumper of the car. This new damage was never mention in any paperwork when I returned this car.

Beware of Enterprise!!!

Their salesmen aren't thorough in doing their job and the company has ridiculous estimates for minor damage. I definitely feel scammed and every time I pass Enterprise I get pissed.

Monetary Loss: $441.

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We’ve taken note of your concern and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to care[at]enterprise.com including the exact rental location information, your contact information, your rental agreement and any further information regarding your experience with us.

When emailing, please list Reference Number 130507-001366 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.


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