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Wow, this is so upsetting to read the experiences that happened to others through Enterprise, well today was a day I will ever use Enterprise Wayne, NJ again.After doing almost $1000 a month in business for a few months I was using Enterprise cars to shuttle my clients.

I always got the CWD, until one day Shelley who gave me some advice that ended up screwing me, secretly she pulled me as we were inspecting vehicle and she told me "don't get the CWD, you don't travel much with the vehicle and you only rent one day at time, CWD is good if you will have car for weekly use." OK. I save $20 and I never had accident in life. So I return the vehicle to Shelley 2/17/13, all checks out well, yesterday 2/21/13 I rent from same Enterprise, I rent a Yukon I look it over and noticed many scratches and one lil MINOR ding that didn't get brought up because Enterprise reps said damage had to bigger than golf ball, this minor ding 1 was not caused by me, Alexis checked it out, and when she asked if I was going to cover the car I declined, she thought I was insane but I went off Shelley's recommendation which I didn't want to throw her under the bus at the time. So 24 hours later I return the SUV and Alexis claims that I made that damage that I really thought was so minor to not report and she passed it and didnt notice, there was times I pointed out defects and they didn't mark it saying dont worry not major as in this claim they are putting out, Well I sure got screwed over with Shelley's advice, its like Alexis and Shelley set this up because they know the amount of times I rent a week for an SUV, and Shelley saying dont take the insurance because if you get hit, its a lot of paperwork on our end." I been conned by the Wayne Enterprise and I haven't got the bill yet but from what Im reading, even for a minor dent I KNOW FOR FACT I did not do is going to cost me.

Im upset beyond belief, safe driver for over 20 years and full trust of the Alexis and specially Shelley who really is going to set me back.

Its upsetting because I always went for the full coverage but the advice that I got was bad, and when I confronted Shelley with why did you tell me not get CWD and now Im screwed, she lied and denied she told me that.BBB and insurance commisioners will here about this, so please people, take the CWD and look at your car and make them note every scratch, I was so trusting that they would not screw me royally like they did, thanks Shelley.

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