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EnterpriseCares Oct 27 glen007, we appreciate it when customers tell us about their experiences.I assure you that it's never our intention to inconvenience our customers.We would like to speak with you further.

Please email with your contact information, exact rental office location, rental contract information and the details above so we can address this situation. Thank you.– Carol H. No Call back another Lie. This Company is Something.

I see why they have thousands of complaints.Good Luck if you have a problem with Enterprise -rent-a Car.

Please be very careful renting a vehicle from enterprise Rent-A-Car.And if you are disable make sure you have a ride to go home.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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Glen Wilson

Enterprise Rent-A-Car at 2831 N.Federal Highway, Pompano Beach Florida.

Matt the manger is the worst person I ever spoken to I had a Truck that was Rented. I have the key in the Truck ignition not on put three little Dogs in the rear passenger side in a crate then went back to the driver side the door lock then I call enterprice Rent a car. I explain what happened he told me will have someone there right a way.gave him the location twice my phone number twice. At 8:05 Pm then 8:15 Came Then 8:30 Came now it’s 9:05.

Still no one I could see the little then I could see the back window open about 4 inches I was able to get the dog out they we’re hot and breathe heavy my wife got them in the house to cool down She will so upset. Now it’s 9:30 still no one came finally at 10 o’clock neighbor next-door woke up their two-year-old son he was able to get through the window and get the door open I call Matt to fine out what happen he told me they use AAA so he call them. He was told that they came out at 8:45 and didn’t find anyone their. And told Matt that they try to call me several times.

I said to Matt know one show he keep telling me that they show up and try to call me. Again I said the same thing over and over and over it sounds like he believe AAA. And I was not being honest to him. So that was it I have Talk to corporate I was told I would get an answer back in 3 to 5 days over a week went by no answer I left several messages for The area manager still no call back also try to get the district manager to talk to still no call back so I return the truck back to Weston Florida off Park Road I had to wait for FEMA because my Roof what is heavily damaged from hurricane IRMA.

I got to the Weston Florida Enterprise Rent-A-Car was there 5:50pm ask for the manager. I was told she will be right back. So I waited then The other employee tell me she was not coming back she had emergency. In which I was lied to.

Because she show up to Close. So I returned the truck back in. I needed a ride home because I am 100% disabled. She said once I lock the front door we can’t do that.

Then I TEXT UBER had a hard time getting Thur. Again I said I was Disable show then the Card she said nothing Isaid I live 6 mile I could see she didn’t care I was so Mad I went a head an walk after 4.2 mile I fell down because I have MS. My phone went dead Finally 11:20 PM my wife found me. I could barely walk.

The next day try talking to a Mangers because was told My friend said they were charging a extra $120.00 I said the lady said it was $20.00. I hung up and the leaving many message for a area manager or a regional manager never received a call back .

I will be posting this every day on the Internet until I receive a call back .All so sending 17 letters to every board of director for enterprice Rent-A-Car.


2 weeks Still never a call back

to Glen Wilson #1391506

Mr.Wilson, we'd like to help out and have the chance to exchange private details.

We would like to speak with you further.Please email with your contact information, exact rental office location, rental contract information and the details above so we can address this situation.

Thank you.– Carol H.

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